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Gogglebox star Lee has boyfriend of almost three decades who he spends split life with

Gogglebox star Lee has boyfriend of almost three decades who he spends split life with

Gogglebox's Lee has been in a relationship with the 'love of his life' for almost 30 years

If, like millions of others, you're a loyal fan of all things Gogglebox, you'll be very familiar with Jenny and Lee.

The two mates from Hull, settle down in their caravan every week to share their thoughts on the latest news, soaps, and films hitting our small screens.

And during their hilarious - and often every bizarre - conversations, you will have noticed Lee mentioning his boyfriend, though he's never actually made an appearance on the show.

No? Well, you're obviously not as big a fan as you might think.

But it's true, Lee and his partner, Steve, have been together for almost 30 years, and split their time between Hull and a slightly more exotic location.

Lee and Steve have been together for almost 30 years.

Steve, who Lee has described as the 'love of his life' spend half the year in the North East and the other sunning it up in Cyprus.

If you look on his joint account with Jenny, Lee often posts sweet snaps of him and Steve together.

Back in 2019, the couple celebrated their 25th anniversary.

Taking to Twitter, Steve shared a heartfelt message to Lee, writing: "Happy 25th anniversary to @leegogglebox the love of my life and my best friend love you to the moon and back here's to many more."

With Lee replying: "Happy anniversary Steve 25 years of hell ermmmmmm I mean bliss you no your the love of my life xx."

But Steve isn't the only family member of the main cast that has yet to make an appearance on the hit show.

Marcus Luther's eldest son, the boxer Shiloh Defreitas, almost made it onto Gogglebox alongside his dad but ultimately it wasn't to be.

Marcus Luther's son Shiloh Defreitas almost made it onto Gogglebox.
James Chance/Getty Images

Shiloh is Marcus' son from a previous relationship, while Mica has daughters Sachelle and Shuggy, and together the couple have son Yash.

Marcus told LADbible that they 'had him in there for one' preamble of the show which is 'basically just talking about normal life'.

"He sat on the sofa with us and he did that with us, but it wasn't a success so we left him to it, sent him back to the boxing gym instead," Marcus explained.

As much as you or I, dear reader, might think we'd love to spend our time watching telly while being on telly it's not for everyone and it doesn't seem to have hampered Shiloh much.

Nicknamed 'Sugar Shy', he's a boxer who won gold for Team England at the Commonwealth Youth Games in 2017 and has since enjoyed great success after going professional.

Featured Image Credit: leegogglebox/twitter

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