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Man makes terrifying discovery about Mr Bean which might ruin your childhood

Man makes terrifying discovery about Mr Bean which might ruin your childhood

The bloke reckons he's found out why the quirky character behaves the way he does.

There's nothing like a wild Mr Bean theory to ruin your day - and possibly your entire childhood.

Rowan Atkinson's legendary sitcom is a pretty weird watch, so it's hardly surprising that there is a lot of speculation about why his quirky character acts the way he does.

See if you can pick up any clues while watching this:

Believe it or not, there is only 15 episodes of the comedy series, but there is still a lot to talk about.

If you need a reminder, he effectively lurches from one disaster to another as he struggles to grasp what is going on in the world around him, and comes up with pretty absurd solutions to his so-called problems.

Mr Bean's attempts to fix whatever issue he's ran into only seem to make matters worse, meaning he often ends up in an even worse spot than he began.

A man recently did a bit of digging into the bizarre character who we all grew up watching, in the hopes of finding out what makes him tick and why his behaviour is so strange.

But the bloke ended up wishing he hadn't started looking after coming to quite a shocking conclusion.

There's a bizarre theory which explains Mr Bean's eccentric behaviour.

TikTok user Alex Stark, better known online as @stark_verse, shared his conspiracy theory online in a video alongside the caption: "Mr Bean is WHAT?! My childhood was a LIE."

So buckle up, because this might just blow your mind.

Alex explained: "So we all watched Mr Bean growing up and we all know Mr Bean is a pretty weird character.

"But I always thought he was just a funny, weird guy who might be a bit insane and that's it. As it turns out, the answer to his weird and awkward behaviour has been right in front of our nose the entire time and I never realised."

He then reminded fans about the bonkers intro to every Mr Bean episode - he falls from the sky in a beam of light onto a deserted street, while a choir sing 'behold the man who is a bean' in Latin.

Alex continued: "He appears to be falling through a light on the face of the Earth.

"As if he was being beamed on Earth. He doesn't know how normal people act and he always wears the same jacket with the exact same tie because he doesn't know humans change clothes."

All these factors led the content creator to one simple conclusion - that Mr Bean is in fact an alien.

The intro to the iconic sitcom appears to have a pretty big clue in it.

"He is acting so weird the entire time because he learns how to be human," Alex added.

"In the animated series 'Double Trouble' episode, he is even taken inside a spacecraft with aliens who look exactly like him and even have their own plushy toys. This would explain everything!"

The cartoon Mr Bean series even recreated the intro to Atkinson's sitcom in the scene where the character is sent back home, as the extraterrestrials drop him off in a beam of light while a choir sing.

Blackadder star Atkinson even admitted himself that the the bumbling bloke who barely speaks 'has a slightly alien aspect to him'.

Social media users were understandably stunned by the revelation, although not everyone was completely convinced.

One commented: "He's not an actual alien. But he is 'alien' to normal society. Hence the intro."

Another said: "I always took it as the aliens abducted him and couldn't stand him anymore so they dropped him back off."

A third added: "I thought that was obvious?

A fourth chimed in: "Omg no. Don't spoil my childhood! Mr Bean was naughty in heaven so they sent him back - or so my parents would tell me."

And a fifth speculated: "He was confirmed as an alien in the animated series, but was originally meant to be an angel, hence the light and choir."

Featured Image Credit: BBC/ITV

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