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Naked Attraction boss shares reality of people getting their penis out on the show

Naked Attraction boss shares reality of people getting their penis out on the show

Producer Darrell Olsen dished the dirt on what goes on behind the scenes while filming Naked Attraction.

The concept of Naked Attraction hardly needs explaining - you turn up in your birthday suit, eye up all the other bare arses staring back at you and decide which physique looks the most date-worthy to you.

Viewers across the pond clearly didn't get the memo about the premise of the programme though, as a load of Americans have complained about seeing contestants who are completely starkers since it began airing on HBO.

Rather than rioting against the eccentric approach to a dating show, they ought to spare a thought for the people who are actually confident enough to get their kit off - because as you can imagine, it's no easy feat.

Darrell Olsen, the executive producer for Naked Attraction, said he thinks it is 'empowering' for people who stand in one of the pods and slowly bare more of their bodies - putting all their lumps, bumps and razor burns on full display.

He discussed the reality of getting naked on national - and now international - TV during a chat with the Hollywood Reporter where he revealed what he thought of the adverse reaction to the hit show in the States.

Brits had a similar response when the Channel 4 programme first aired in 2016, but it's slowly integrated itself as a late-night favourite in a lot of households. Watching it with your parents is still off the cards, but it's come on leaps and bounds.

Darrell knows Naked Attraction 'isn't for everyone' but wants people to realise there is a lot more to it than just parading people across the small screen without a stitch on.

He explained: "What it proves is that every person is different, and not just facially. We’ve all got different genitals.

Anna Richardson hosts Naked Attraction.
Channel 4

"We’ve all got different big toes. It’s amazing. So there’s no reason to feel bad about yourself, and it’s empowering to see we’re all different. But also, we don’t play into the stereotypes.

"You might have a male with rather large genitalia and the Picker might say, 'I don’t really like that, it’s not my thing'. Or someone might say, 'I like smaller boobs'.

"The irony of the show is, by having a load of people naked, it makes you feel better about yourself."

The producer, who is also known for his work on The Circle, didn't want to 'water down' the show to make it easier for Americans to stomach - meaning they are subjected to the same full frontal nudity as us lot when they tune in.

He continued: "Being naked on national TV is a huge deal for people. The point of getting naked during the audition is if you can’t do it in front of a couple production people, you’re going to have a really hard time on the actual show.

"Also, part of it is for people to be able to describe their own bodies and what they like and dislike about themselves.

"For us to get a sense of their energy and if they can make jokes. So if they’re too reticent, they’re not right."

US audiences have complained about participants being starkers.
Channel 4

Touching on the 'tough' casting process, Darell said a lot of people are 'quite shy', but his 'brilliant team' manage to weed out those who are too timid for TV and find contestants 'who have enough body confidence' to bare it all on the show.

He also revealed that a few blokes 'pull in their stomachs' when the screens start to rise in an attempt to make their nether regions appear more prominent.

One Naked Attraction contestant, Gavin, claimed that lads also had an interesting technique to achieve this effect during the audition process, which apparently takes around 45 minutes to complete.

He recalled how he had to strip off and 'pitch' himself to a camerawoman and a male interviewee, but they put him at ease so he didn't feel awkward - even though he was stood there with his penis on display.

Gavin continued: "You were sweating because there was a light shining on you, but there was a draught so it was a bit cold, so there was quite a lot of shaking going on by the boys. Whenever the camera wasn’t on, everyone was shaking themselves to try and make themselves look bigger."

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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