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Fans of Netflix's One Day urged to watch near-perfect BBC show starring leading actress

Fans of Netflix's One Day urged to watch near-perfect BBC show starring leading actress

One Day has gripped viewers since its release

It's an emotional roller coaster of a TV show that has gripped critics and fans alike since it dropped on Netflix.

And fans can't get enough, with some even re-watching it straight away due to how incredible they found it.

We're talking about the fantastic mini-series One Day, which dropped on the streaming platform earlier this month.

The show stars Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall in the leading roles of Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew, with the pair producing standout performances that have been loved by critics and audiences alike.

Based on the 2009 best-selling David Nicholls novel of the same name, it follows the relationship of Em and Dex since their chance encounter at a graduation ball while finishing their studies at the University of Edinburgh.

The show starts in 1988, where the pair spend the night together after bumping in to each other at the party and hitting it off. After heading back to her place, they don't have sex but instead, spend the night talking about life, and how different their lives might be once they both turn 40.

Their first meeting happened on 15 July, which is St Swithin's Day, with each episode covering the same day one year on, seeing what the pair are up to since then.

There will be no spoilers from us, but an ongoing theme of 'best friends but also clearly having something a bit more for each other' continues throughout the whole show.

Mod and Woodall in One Day.

The ending is - let's say - somewhat of a twist in a direction not many were expecting, with it leaving some rather distressed.

Critics have given the show a highly sought after 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, with audiences ranking it close behind at 85%.

Dustin Rowles, of Pajiba, writes: "It is hard to stress just how good both Woodall and Mod are here. Emma is instantly likeable even with her Angela Chase neuroses, while Woodall has the slightly more difficult task of playing an arrogant cad with whom we are still smitten."

Beth Webb, of Empire Magazine, said: "One Day has found gold in its leading duo, whose chemistry feels timeless and totally captivating. An outstanding showcase of talent."

Mod's performance, alongside Woodall, has captured audiences with viewers fully invested in their story due to their authenticity in role.

Mod during one of One Day's happier scenes.

And some are saying another show, this time on the BBC, is essential viewing if you need a quick fix when it comes to enjoying the talents of acting Mod in particular.

Back in 2022, the London actress starred in the Beeb mini-series This Is Going to Hurt.

It's a medical comedy-drama created by former doctor Adam Kay and based on his memoir of the same name.

The seven-episode show looks in to lives of a group of junior doctors working on an obstetrics and gynaecology ward in an NHS hospital, exploring their professional and personal lives and the emotional damage that can be caused working in a stressful work environment.

It boasts a 95% rating with critics, with audiences putting it at 92%. Hot stuff in need.

Mod stars as Shruti Acharya alongside Ben Whishaw as Adam Kay, with both of them landing awards for their work on the show.

Mod went on to win best supporting female actor at the Royal Television Society Programme Awards (RTS Awards).

Mod and Whishaw in This Is Going to Hurt.

"Reinvigorating the medical drama is a tall order, but Kay's flair for gallows humour, which comes through in his memoir, and the stellar performances from Whishaw and Mod especially, make it work," said Linda Holmes, of NPR, at the time.

Naturally fans are saying you should give it a watch if you enjoyed Mod in One Day.

Over on X, one posted: "if you liked Ambika Mod in One Day, check out her incredible (and devastating) performance in This is Going to Hurt."

Another wrote: "Ambika Mod actually such a star, after watching One Day and This Is Going to Hurt i need to see her face literally everywhere she’s so brilliant and charming and natural."

A third said: "Everyone who liked One Day should watch This Is Going to Hurt for more pain."

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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