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Crime drama leaving viewers 'hooked in minutes' by all its 'twists and turns' is hailed by fans

Crime drama leaving viewers 'hooked in minutes' by all its 'twists and turns' is hailed by fans

Fans have said it is the 'best' show they've ever watched

A 'seriously incredible' series has had viewers 'hooked' just minutes in, thanks to its many 'twists and turns'.

TV viewers have long been recommending binge-worthy series to one another on social media, with crime-related titles and thrillers continuing to prove hugely popular.

A new season of a hit crime drama recently dropped on US Netflix and it's safe to say it hasn't disappointed.

Bryan Cranston stars in the crime drama. (Showtime)
Bryan Cranston stars in the crime drama. (Showtime)

The first series landed on the streaming site back in 2020 after originally airing on Showtime.

Adapted from the Israeli TV series Kvodo, the show was meant to be a miniseries, however, it was renewed for a second season in 2022 which will be its last.

Starring the likes of Bryan Cranston, Lilli Kay and Hunter Doohan, its official description reads: “A respected judge’s life descends into a thorny web of lies and cover ups after his son flees a fatal car accident.”

The series follows character Adam (Doohan) after he flees following a hit and run which involved a member of a Mafia family.

Michael (Cranston) tries to cover up what happened but this leads him and Adam to be involved in something much bigger than they're capable of handling in a bid to protect Adam from the law.

Fans have heavily praised the series - called Your Honor - which is only available on US Netflix at the moment, with many taking to social media to recommend it to others.

In the Netflix Bangers Facebook group, someone claimed they are 'hooked' and the series is 'incredible', before thanking the person that urged them to watch it.

“Seriously incredible. Watched the first [three] episodes then had to stop so I could start it over with my husband for him to watch it! He’s hooked now too! We’re literally watching it right now!” another fan said.

Fans have been loving Your Honor. (Showtime)
Fans have been loving Your Honor. (Showtime)

Somebody else added: “It’s the best thing I have watched ever, absolutely brilliant."

Others said Your Honor is 'full of twists ad turns', meaning they 'can't stop watching' as it is 'so good'.

“So good! Don’t think it’s slow at all! Love all the plot twists!” one viewer commented.

Critics have also raved about Your Honor, with Craig Mathieson, from The Age, writing: "You can see why Your Honor was snapped up by an American network and relocated to New Orleans - it has bracing storytelling bones."

While NDTV's Saibal Chatterjee reviewed: "The gripping narrative tosses one way, then another, and then yet another with sustained momentum while holding on to its equilibrium."

UK viewers can watch Your Honor on NOW TV, Apple TV, Paramount+ and Amazon Prime Video.

Featured Image Credit: Showtime

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