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Pete Doherty admits he's a 'very sick man' and doubts he'll see baby daughter grow up

Pete Doherty admits he's a 'very sick man' and doubts he'll see baby daughter grow up

Pete Doherty opened up about the effect his drug addiction has had on his body in his interview with Louis Theroux

Pete Doherty has opened up about his health problems, and said he doesn't think he'll see his daughter grow up.

The rockstar admitted that he's 'very sick' and has been warned to sort his lifestyle out.

Doherty sat down with Louis Theroux as part of his new series, discussing the ins and outs of his tumultuous past.

During the height of his success with The Libertines, Doherty's drug and alcohol addiction were front page news, with fans deeply concerned for the young songwriter.

The 44-year-old now lives over in Normandy, France, with his wife Katia de Vidas and their five-month-old daughter Billie-May.

But despite having turned his life around, Doherty admitted that the abuse his body suffered has left its mark and affects him to this very day.

Pete Doherty opened up about his wild past.

"How’s your health in general?” Theroux asked.

To which Doherty replied: “You are looking at a very sick man. I’ve battered it, haven’t I, I’ve f**king caned it.

“[The] heroin and the crack… I surrendered to that, and then it was cocaine and the smoking and the alcohol, and now it’s cheese and the saucisson, and the sugar in the tea.”

He went on: “It’s all gotta go. They told me a little while ago if you don’t change your diet then you’re gonna have diabetes and cholesterol problems.

“Death’s lurking, you know what I mean? That’s why I carry that stick.”

And when Theroux suggested if he got himself sorted, he could live another 25 yeas and watch his daughter grow up and have a family of her own, Doherty dismissed it.

He said: “That’s a stretch though, isn’t it."

He told Louis Theroux he's doubtful he'll live to watch his daughter grow up.

Looking back on his life, Theroux asked Doherty if there were any lessons he had learned.

And if so, is there anything he would say to a young person who finds themselves on the path he did all those years ago.

“My life in using was so chaotic and the consequences of [it]... you’ll be in prison and you’ll f*** your body up, and you’ll be skint, and you’ll lose your family and you’ll lose everything you love," he replied.

"Is it really that good? That’s beyond curiosity, that’s a right mess.

“I still get tingles thinking about it, but I’m able to talk to you rather than running off and scoring."

Louis Theroux Interviews…Pete Doherty is available on BBC iPlayer.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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