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From the world of The Boys, Prime Video’s Gen V is out today

From the world of The Boys, Prime Video’s Gen V is out today

This new series will follow the next generation of superheroes trying their best to land a spot on the notorious Seven.

From the world of The Boys, Prime Video’s new delicious dark series that will follow the next generation of superheroes is out today.

Gen V has to be one of the most highly anticipated shows of the year, serving as a spin-off to the satirical superhero show developed by Eric Kripke.

Set in the same diabolical world, Gen V will follow young supes as they attend Godolkin University, the prestigious superhero-only college where students train to be the next generation of heroes or superhero influencers, signing some lucrative deals.

However, these youngins will have their work cut out for them, as getting good grades is the least of their worries.

The university will put their students through a series of tests that will push them to the brink mentally and physically at their chance of joining the notorious Seven.

But as these young supes discover something more sinister is going on behind the curtain, they’ll have to decide if they will be the hero or villain of their own story.

If you somehow have been living under a rock and haven’t seen the trailer, just go ahead and click that play button below.

The series cast includes Jaz Sinclair, Chance Perdomo, Lizze Broadway, Shelley Conn, Maddie Phillips, London Thor, Derek Luh, Asa Germann, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sean Patrick Thomas, and Marco Pigossi.

Gen V will also have Jessie T. Usher, aka A-Train, reprising his roles from The Boys.

However, according to The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke, there will be a little more crossover between The Boys and Gen V as this superhero universe continues to expand.

“There’s definitely crossover, and we’re doing our best to design a universe that sees some of the issues and storylines in season three hand off to the first season in Varsity,” he told Deadline.

“Like there’s a presidential campaign happening in the background of that season, and there’s certain things that are happening at that school that are both in reaction to season three of The Boys. There’s Soldier Boy, etcetera, but also some new storylines that are happening in that season of the spinoff that we have to pick up and take into season four of the show.”

Gen V is out today, so make sure you've purchased an account under Prime Video; otherwise, sign up for your 30-day trial today.

Happy watching, folks!

Featured Image Credit: Prime Video

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