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Siblings share positive update after BBC viewers left in tears during difficult 'TV moment of the year'

Siblings share positive update after BBC viewers left in tears during difficult 'TV moment of the year'

Betty explained how the show had helped her make a big decision

For those of us who, shall we say, have the same kind of ‘allergies’ as Tracy Beaker, there’s some TV shows that will always get the tears flowing.

And let's be honest, Race Across The World is practically a guarantee for that.

The most recent series came to an end on Wednesday (29 May) with a neck-and-neck final after eight weeks of the BBC show hooking viewers.

Among this year’s teams were brother and sister duo Betty and James. The pair grew much closer on the show and had people in tears in the penultimate episode with the ‘TV moment of the year’.

After the finale, they gave a positive update that soon had viewers ‘crying again’.

As the siblings began to open up to one another more and more throughout the race, episode seven saw Betty talking about her health condition.

The 25-year-old explained she had been diagnosed with Mayer Rokitansky Küster Hauser syndrome (MRKH) at 16 after discovering she didn't have a uterus or womb and only had one kidney.

It was a pretty emotional heart-to-heart for the siblings as Betty told her little brother she struggles with his ‘everything happens for a reason’ mindset because of it.

He had viewers in tears. (BBC)
He had viewers in tears. (BBC)

The pair hadn’t really chatted to one another before and James broke down in tears as he spoke to the camera.

Having viewers ‘sobbing’, the 21-year-old struggled to carry on talking about it as he asked: “Can someone just come and hug me please?”

One of the Race Across The World crew could then be seen appearing before the camera, comforting James as he cried into his shoulder – something we don’t normally see happening on the show.

Reflecting on the ‘difficult’ moment during a special reunion episode, Betty also gave an update on her fertility plans as the condition means she cannot carry a baby.

Betty shared her decision. (BBC)
Betty shared her decision. (BBC)

“I’ve decided to freeze my eggs,” she shared, “which is a big thing.”

James chimed in, looking very happy for his sister: “I only knew cos mum and dad told me – well, they were talking about it and I asked because I was nosy.”

And Betty continued as they both fought back tears: “It’s exciting, and I think before I would have been quite scared about that.

“But it’s about saying, ‘there’s an opportunity there and I’m going to take it because I’m worthy of having that opportunity and I’m capable of doing that'.”

Viewers said they’re ‘so happy’ for Betty as they were left moved by the sibling’s journey on the show.

Sorry, guys, crying again now.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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