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Woman living on £60 a week in tears as millionaire changes her life

Woman living on £60 a week in tears as millionaire changes her life

Laura and William switched lives for a week on Rich House Poor House, but her's had transformed by the time she returned home

A woman living on £60 a week broke down in tears after a millionaire made her a life-changing offer.

Laura and her partner Rob live in a small terraced house in Yorkshire and have 'next to nothing' left after they've forked out for their rent and bills.

The 40-year-old was made redundant last year and has since been on benefits, but still struggles to make ends meet.

Appearing on Channel 5's Rich House Poor House, she explained her financial struggles have made her feel 'like a failure'.

Laura said she is routinely forced to 'borrow money' or take her 'phone or laptop to the pawn shop' when money is tight.

She had a high-flying job at a swanky estate agents last year, but was let go when the property market slumped.

The Brit was also battling endometriosis at the same time - a painful condition which causes heavy periods, fatigue and fertility issues.

She explained that despite applying for jobs, as she is unable to drive her applications are often 'turned down'.

But Laura has been desperate to get her foot back in the door - and luckily, she swapped lives with a property mogul.

Laura explained she barely has any money left over after paying her bills and rent.
Channel 5

Self-made millionaire William lives just 53 miles down the road in a lavish Grade II-listed mansion, and gets by on a hefty weekly budget of £1,500.

He has a private chef and other staff to tend to his sprawling home - which boasts tennis courts, a heated swimming pool, 12 bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

William was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child and managed to work his way to the top to build a property empire.

"I have always felt like I had something to prove," he said. "I'm not particularly driven by money, I'm driven by my desire to build the best possible houses."

The big shot swapped lives with Laura for a week to get a taste of how the other half live.

William had to scrimp and save on his small budget, while the former estate agent had a much larger amount of cash to play with.

She treated herself in the shops and used the left over £600 to cover some of her debt.

During the experiment, William also picked up on her potential - and asked her to lend a hand with his business while he was away.

Property mogul William decided to give Laura an incredible gift.
Channel 5

Laura had to come up with a plan for the internal lay out of two semi-detached homes.

She had to work out the target market, before drawing up ideas of what they would want and need from their new pad.

Laura knuckled down on the project, even working through the night - and all of her hard work paid off.

Although she was 'really anxious' to present her project to the property gurus, they were wowed by her work.

They applauded her innovative ideas - and one even admitted that even they wouldn't have come up with something as good.

An impressed William took it upon himself to visit her former employer who sang Laura's praises.

But he wasn't done there - he wanted to give his fellow house swapper an even bigger leg up to get back on her feet.

At the end of the show, William revealed he was gifting her ten driving lessons so she could finally overcome the problem of her lack of transport.

Laura was left in tears by the gesture, saying: "That will completely change my life. No more buses.

"I just need to not give up and push forward, and see what happens.

"40 is a new chapter - take this experience as the first page of this chapter and rebuild something new.

"Since being made redundant from that last property position, that is what I’ve been trying to achieve."

We can't wait to hear what's next for Laura.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5

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