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How to watch forgotten recent spinoff of Guy Ritchie's Snatch in the UK

How to watch forgotten recent spinoff of Guy Ritchie's Snatch in the UK

While everyone's buzzing for The Gentlemen, there's another spin-off to watch

There’s a whole lot of hype around a particular spin-off series to a Guy Rithcie film, but many have forgotten a whole other recent one.

Only a couple of weeks ago, the trailer dropped for The Gentlemen spin-off Netflix series, with fans buzzing to see the follow up to the 2019 movie of the same name.

But fans of Ritchie’s work can already binge another series based on one of his films in the UK.

Snatch was released back in 2000 as the director’s second full-length film, starring the likes of Brad Pitt, Jason Statham and Stephen Graham.

The crime comedy followed two main plot lines, with one following the search for a stolen diamond, and the other focusing on a little-known boxing promoter that is under the control of a ruthless gangster.

And as some fans may remember, spin-off TV series Snatch premiered in 2017 with a second season in 2019.

Unlike The Gentlemen, it isn’t directly linked to the original film and is instead just based off of it.

Snatch has a lesser known spinoff series.
Columbia Pictures

The Snatch TV series features a young and talented cast including Harry Potter's Rupert Grint, Skins' Luke Pasqualino, and Bridgerton's Phoebe Dynevor.

If you fancy having a binge of this forgotten series, you can buy episodes, or all of season one to watch on Amazon Prime. With the first season available to purchase, it’s priced at £2.49 per episode in HD or £9.99 for the whole season.

Or, if you have a BritBox subscription, you can watch both seasons of Snatch on there.

And if you have a VPN, you can watch the show on Crackle.

Maybe you’re a bit more old fashioned and just fancy watching it on a DVD and fair enough, it’s said to be a pretty good watch.

Rupert Grint AKA Ron Weasley stars in the Snatch TV series.

Season two of Snatch has a 75 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes as viewers write: “Great chemistry between the cast, and the writing and plot has some great unexpected, often funny twists and turns. Good fun, which doesn't take itself too seriously. Some great acting performances as the actors relax into their roles.”

Another put: “Snatch is so so iconic!! I love how everything is fast paced and strategic.”

Although others said it ‘seemed thrown together’.

Apparently 'fun' as far as a 'fan-fiction' goes, it may not live up to the levels displayed by what it's based off but the series comes across as entertaining.

And who doesn't want to see Ron Weasley getting put in sticky situations with some of London's most violent criminals?

Featured Image Credit: Sony/Columbia Pictures

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