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South Park fans freaked out by first look at skinny Cartman on Ozempic for obesity special

South Park fans freaked out by first look at skinny Cartman on Ozempic for obesity special

The new South Park special is coming this weekend

South Park fans have been freaked out by the new trailer for its upcoming special.

Premiering in the UK this Saturday (25 May), ‘South Park: The End of Obesity’ will feature a ‘skinny’ Eric Cartman on Ozempic.

The teaser for the TV special offers a first look at the usually overweight character looking very different indeed. Watch here:

This weekend’s special will be South Park’s seventh with Paramount Plus, following the likes of ‘South Park: Post COVID’ and ‘South Park (Not Suitable for Children)’.

In ‘The End of Obesity’, the rise of new weight loss drugs have a major impact on the quiet mountain town of South Park.

So, when Cartman is ‘denied access to the life-changing medicine, the kids jump into action’. Kyle, Stan, Butters and Kenny are recruited to help him as the teaser shows them running experiments kitted out in lab coats and goggles as they prepare him.

Butters says: “We’ve been out navigating the American healthcare system, I almost died!” And it seems Cartman isn’t denied the drugs for too long as the teaser shows him looking dramatically smaller than his usual overweight self.

Cartman seeks out the drugs. (Paramount Plus)
Cartman seeks out the drugs. (Paramount Plus)

South Park fans have been thrown by seeing the character looking so different as they shared screenshots on X reacting: “WEIGHT A MINUTE.”


One also said: “Skinny Cartman was not on my list of things I expected to see today and ofc I see this AS IM PULLING UP South Park to watch lmfo.”

Plenty said they ‘can’t wait’ for the special as it ‘sounds f**king amazing’.

Some said: “Cartman on Ozempic looks so weird dude,” as one even said it’s ‘absolutely traumatising’. And another called it the ‘peak of one’s nightmare’.

The special premiered in the US and Canada tomorrow before the UK gets it on Saturday.

Cartman has a dramatic change. (Paramount Plus)
Cartman has a dramatic change. (Paramount Plus)

Ozempic was originally created to help people with type 2 patients and experts have regularly spoken out as the ‘miracle drug’ is increasingly being used by people wanting to lose weight – with the likes of Sharon Osbourne admitting to using it.

"If you're thinking about taking Ozempic for short term weight loss, as a surgeon who has been involved with weight loss surgeries, let me tell you the truth," Dr Rajan said on Tiktok. “Research shows that most people who stop Ozempic will regain most of their original weight…

“Ultimately the data shows Ozempic alone is not sufficient for sustainable long term weight loss. It has to be combined with lifestyle changes including dietary changes and exercise.”

Featured Image Credit: Comedy Central

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