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KSI responds to South Park roasting his PRIME drink in latest episode

KSI responds to South Park roasting his PRIME drink in latest episode

South Park have teased that they'll be featuring KSI and his energy drink brand, PRIME, in an upcoming episode

KSI appeared to be very happy to be roasted on an upcoming episode of South Park.

I mean, who wouldn't be?

The irreverent animated series is rumoured to feature the British influencer on an new episode set to air today (December 20) - and knowing South Park, it's going to be brutal.

Particularly, the black comedy series will target KSI's energy drink brand PRIME, according to an X account called KSI NEWS.

"Prime X South Park special episode being teased for December 20th," the page teased yesterday (December 19), adding a side-eyed emoji and a fire emoji.

In the images shared in the post, South Park protagonists Kyle Broflovski and Kenny McCormick, both voiced by Matt Stone, appear to drink from a pink bottle with the name CRED written across.

It's been rumoured PRIME energy drink will be featured in an upcoming South Park episode.

"Hey kids! Get CRED!" the slogan for the poster promoting the series reads, while it is also featured in brackets that the drink in question is 'not suitable for children'.

In another promotional image, Leopold 'Butter' Stotch poses with a giant bottle of CRED along with the caption: "Wanna get the girls? You need CRED."

The packaging and logo of the energy drink resemble those of KSI's PRIME, co-created with YouTuber Logan Paul.

Upon learning that South Park was going to include a nod to his concoction, KSI took to X/Twitter to share his elated reaction.

"LMFAO NO WAY," the Internet celebrity wrote in all caps.

Meanwhile, some users in the comment section made sure KSI got that the iconic series is likely going to rip the energy drink to shreds rather than promoting it, though all publicity is good publicity.

KSI seems pretty chuffed about it.

In other KSI news, the YouTube boxer's team condemned the Professional Boxing Association's decision not to overturn the result of his fight with pro boxer and former Love Island contestant Tommy Fury.

Back in October, Fury won the fight with two judges ruling in his favour with 57-56, while Rafael Ramos scored the fight 57-57.

However, an error was later spotted on Ramos' scorecard, which was changed to 57-56, meaning Fury should have technically won by unanimous decision.

Following the appeal being rejected, KSI's manager and Misfits Boxing chief Mams Taylor said: "The appeals process against the result of KSI's contest with Tommy Fury at the Prime Card, in Manchester on October 14, is ongoing.

"We will now move to the second of three possible stages of the appeal, as we continue to fight to have the decision of the bout rightly overturned."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/KSI / Paramount+

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