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The Boys star's reaction in shocking scene banned in India was ‘totally genuine’

The Boys star's reaction in shocking scene banned in India was ‘totally genuine’

It's one way to get a stellar reaction

When it comes to The Boys, there are numerous scenes that you really hope they don’t actually put the actors through.

If every victim of Homelander was shot practically, Antony Starr would have somehow found the only way to actually get even scarier than he is when playing the Trumpian superhero.

Fans were shocked, however, to find out that a scene in the newest season so X-rated it was banned in India was completely genuine - at least regarding the actor’s reaction.

Censorship in India has been a problem for the newest season of The Boys, with one scene involving a cloning superhero human centipeding himself being banned – with an edit put in its place of the superhero masturbating by himself without the help of clones.

As much as it wouldn’t shock me to hear that the team behind The Boys perfected human cloning and immediately used it to film a self-orgy scene – that isn’t what happened here.

The edited scene (left) vs the one the rest of the world saw (right). (Amazon Prime)
The edited scene (left) vs the one the rest of the world saw (right). (Amazon Prime)

The scene in question is another in season four, in which Vice-President elect and secret supe Victoria Neuman (played by Claudia Domit) arranges a deal with Butcher (Karl Urban) to steal files the Boys have on her.

When he goes to send her said files, she instead opens her emails to be met with… the only way to describe it is what we assume to be Billy Butcher’s spread a***hole.

Along with the human centipede scene, this moment also ended up getting censored in India - with viewers just seeing a blurred phone screen.

This is what The Boys fan saw in India (X)
This is what The Boys fan saw in India (X)

One fan wrote: “Hey [Prime Video India] babe, you up? Great. Can we have a chat about you Randomly censoring scenes from The Boys in India?

“In season 4 episode 1 Butcher sends a picture of a (his?) butthole to screw with someone (typical Butcher) which has been blurred out.”

The official The Boys account on X posted a meme of the scene, saying:

“We can’t show you the actual image from the episode, but if you’ve seen it, you know exactly what goes here. Two things you should know:

“1. That was Claudia’s first time seeing it, so her reaction is totally genuine.

“2. It is not Karl’s butthole, but a model hired specifically for this shot. The more you know.”

(The Boys via X)
(The Boys via X)

Absolutely. Diabolical.

Whilst we’re glad Karl wasn’t made to spread and cough over a camera, the question asked by fans was clear: ‘How much do you even pay someone to do that?’

Never one to disappoint, The Boys’ account responded to one of the many asking to say: “Probably a-whole lot”.

No innuendo there I’m sure.

Fans of The Boys, sickos that we all are, loved this detail.

We're there with you. (Amazon Prime)
We're there with you. (Amazon Prime)

One responded to the tweet to say: “Could tell. Noticed a grin on her face when she covered it with her hand.”

Another said: “A genuine reaction, that scene was insane”.

A third summed things up perfectly, tweeting: “This show is so out of pocket and i bloody love it”.

Too bloody right.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon Prime

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