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The Inbetweeners creator got revenge on James Buckley asking for penis double in 'so little' scene

The Inbetweeners creator got revenge on James Buckley asking for penis double in 'so little' scene

Some things you just can't unsee

The ‘We Speak No Americano’ club dance scene, Neil’s fake tan and Jay getting his pants pulled down by a child – just a sprinkle of iconic moments from an iconic film.

The Inbetweeners Movie, obviously. And despite it being over 12 years since it came out, some things you just can’t forget.

Specifically, the sight of James Buckley’s penis. Except it turns out it wasn’t actually his.

The cameo millionaire played Jay in the Channel 4 series, known for all his ‘friends’ and endless stories.

In the 2011 film, the lads of course fly out to Majorca for their ‘mental’ holiday after finishing school.

While spending time at the pool, a kid goes over to Jay and well, very much kills his vibe.

The child pulls down his Manchester United shorts in front of everyone sunbathing and swimming.

And to add to the absolute social torture, the kid then screams: “So little, so little.”

Total shame.

Turns out it wasn't Buckley's.

The Inbetweeners writer and creator Damon Beesley actually got revenge on Buckley in the editing of this scene when the actor refused last minute.

Beesley and Simon actor, Joe Thomas, explained the ‘annoying’ tale on Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast.

Turns out it ended up being the film’s ‘most expensive’ effect as Thomas joked: “If we didn’t have had to spend that money on James’s fake penis, we could have had a dinosaur or something.”

The writer explained they had to get a penis double in for him as he elaborated: “Why it was annoying for us was because he’d had the script for about eight months and obviously hadn’t read it.

"And then when we were in rehearsals we got a call from his agent saying: ‘He’s not going to do the nudity.’ We went: ‘Well, it’s a bit late for that because we’d scheduled it all.’

It's been well over a decade since the film came out.
John Phillips/UK Press via Getty Images

"We found someone in Majorca, where we filmed, who would do it. I said to James we’d had a double.

"We had to shoot a shot where James is there with his trunks on. Then we shot the exact same shot but with the penis double in there naked. Then we had to composite those together.

"I think James thought it would go: here’s James, then there’s a shot from behind of the trunks, then there would be a close-up and you’d never know it was James.

"But really you can do this digitally. It’s a full-length body shot of James but someone with a much more horrible c**k than James - superimposed.”

While Buckley may have hoped it would be clear it wasn’t really his d**k in the film, the writer says ‘nobody knows’ it wasn’t.

“So I had a little vicious delight in that,” Beesley added.

LADbible has contacted Buckley’s team for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Film4

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