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Almost 30-year-old Simpsons joke just came true in another bizarre prediction from show

Almost 30-year-old Simpsons joke just came true in another bizarre prediction from show

The writers room really ought to explain what's going on at this point

As soon as everything goes a bit quiet on the conspiracy theory front, The Simpsons manages to somehow predict another major event.

Matt Groening and co's apparent mystical ability to forecast what will happen in the future is something which has baffled fans of the animated sitcom for decades, and by golly, he's only gone and done it again.

As the years go by, the list of their correct predictions grows ever longer.

Some notable ones so far include Lady Gaga's flying entrance into the Super Bowl, the US battling murder hornets, a disease eerily similar to Covid-19 and Donald Trump's rocky presidency.

Fans noticed a string of key events which hijacked the headlines throughout last year had already played out in The Simpsons universe ahead of time, too - leaving people debating whether the whole thing is merely a massive coincidence or a giant conspiracy theory.

And now, The Simpsons has been able to predict one of the most unlikely music collaborations the world has ever seen. Take a look at this:

If you're a die-hard fan of the cartoon which follows the lives of the yellow family who live in Springfield, I'm sure you will be able to recall the events of the 'Homerpalooza' episode from memory.

Almost thirty years after it originally aired on Fox in May 1996, the contents of it has been catapulted back into the limelight - and it's not because of Homer's efforts to become a carnival freak at a music festival to impress his kids.

Instead, it's got more to do with the celebrities who guest starred in the episode.

The Simpsons is at it again with the eerie predictions.

Rocker Peter Frampton joined bands Sonic Youth and The Smashing Pumpkins in The Simpsons episode, as well as legendary hip-hop band Cypress Hill - consisting of stars B-Real, Sen Dog and Eric Bobo.

But it was the latter who have become mixed up in the bizarre world of conspiracy theories about the cartoon.

During 'Homerpalooza', a roadie at the music festival heads through the backstage area with a gang of tuxedo-clad men clutching classical instruments yelling: "Hello bands, who is playing with the London Symphony Orchestra?"

"Come on people somebody ordered a London Symphony Orchestra...possibly while high," he then jokes. "Cypress Hill, I'm looking in your direction."

Cypress Hill and the London Symphony Orchestra first 'collaborated' in the 1996 episode.

The musicians then have a quick chat among themselves before admitting they 'think' they might have roped in the orchestra and turning to them to ask whether they know their hit track, 'Insane in the Brain'.

The unlikely combination decide to 'give it a shot' and then belt out an incredible version of the song together, which Marge gives her approval as she admits, "Now this, I like!"

Now 28 years later, the bizarre prediction has come true - as Cypress Hill announced they will be performing with the London Symphony Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall on 10 July later this year.

The band will now perform with the orchestra later this year in London.
Johnny Nunez/WireImage

The band said: "We are thrilled to be performing with the London Symphony Orchestra in such a prestigious venue as the Royal Albert Hall. It’s a dream come true, a collaboration only The Simpsons could have predicted."

The orchestra's managing director, Kathryn McDowell DBE, added: "After years of social media teasing it, many fans have started to believe it would only be a pipe dream – but the LSO is delighted to finally be joining Cypress Hill on stage and in person, and look forward to creating an unforgettable musical movement!

"Many thanks to the creators of The Simpsons for the idea and to AEG Artistic and PolyArts for making it all happen."

Tickets for the event go on sale at 10.00am on 27 March, so you'll have to drag yourself out of your daily deep dive into The Simpsons predictions to get your hands on one.

Featured Image Credit: Fox

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