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The Traitors fans shocked after finding out where contestants stay while filming

The Traitors fans shocked after finding out where contestants stay while filming

Fans have been left stunned by the shock revelation

If there's one thing people have learned from The Traitors, it's to never take anything at face value.

The game show that thrives on trickery and treachery has kept viewers hooked in recent weeks.

Attracting over 8 million viewers per episode, with her highness Claudia Winkleman at the helm as host, this series of The Traitors is bigger than ever.

But the BBC hit reality show's true location has been exposed and has left fans stunned.

Viewers at home watch the contestants rubbing shoulders in the elegant suites of the 30-bedroom Highland castle located in Scotland.

But while this is where the programme and all of its drama is filmed, it's not actually where the players rest their heads at night.

Instead, they are hitting the hay in a £70-a-night airport hotel.

This revelation came from Alan Cumming, who hosted the US version of the show, which is filmed in the same location as the UK's version - the Ardross Castle.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, he said: "They [the contestants] all stayed in the airport hotel in the Inverness airport. How glamorous – you come to Scotland, and you stay in the Inverness airport hotel!

The Traitors series 2 is in full swing, and fans are absolutely loving it.

"I stayed in a little house in Inverness. But I had a room in the castle where I would get made up and dressed. It had a huge bed in it. So I did actually sleep quite often, but not overnight."

After each day of filming, the contestants rest up at the Courtyard by Marriott, which is a 40 minute drive away from the castle.

Fans took to social media to comment on Cumming's admission, with one writing: "OMG! I always imagined they all stayed in individual little cottages on the castle estate somewhere - this is way less romantic than what I thought."

Someone local to the area told Daily Mail: "The airport hotel has just opened when they were filming last year. These people took it over for a month, two months. It was a really good business."

Guests at the hotel have claimed to have spotted security guards prowling the halls to keep contestants from conversing.

The Traitors in their midst would return to Ardross Castle to plot the 'murder' whilst everyone stayed in their rooms.

It turns out that the Traitors and Faithfuls don't actually sleep here at night.

LADbible has contacted the BBC and Peacock for comment.

This revelation comes after Winkleman received high praise from viewers when she called out 'sexist' behaviour among the Traitors.

After the two remaining Traitors recruited yet another male to join them, Winkleman dropped a sassy comment saying: "It's just like the olden days."

And fans loved it.

One wrote: "Claudia CALLING OUT the traitors being all men honestly no other presenter in the UK is better," while another said: "On the new traitor... 'Another man? It’s like the olden days'.

"If that hasn’t nailed the BAFTA for Claudia Winkleman then there is absolutely no justice. She is simply magnificent on The Traitors."

Featured Image Credit: BBC / Ardross Castle galleries

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