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The Traitors star's gameshow past exposed after being spotted in show

The Traitors star's gameshow past exposed after being spotted in show

Some telly viewers realised they'd spotted him before

Warning: mild spoilers for season two of The Traitors.

Here we are again at the beginning of another season of The Traitors, which if you haven't watched it is basically like playing the social deception game Werewolf but it occasionally gets interrupted by Taskmaster.

Of course the fun comes from us knowing who the dastardly traitors are while we watch everyone convince themselves that their random accusations are based on some sort of logic.

The show has proven to be so popular among audiences that while the second season is releasing now a third one has already been confirmed.

Even better, the window of time to apply to be on The Traitors is still open, as you've got until 11 February to throw your hat into the ring.

As for what's going on in season two, the only complaint viewers have thus far is that they're not able to binge it all in one go as it's that gripping.

Paul is no stranger to being a game show contestant, but he'll be hoping it goes much better this time.

We've only had three episodes of season two and it's already been packed full of drama, and some viewers have spotted a familiar face among the contestants.

One of the first duties on The Traitors is to pick the actual traitors, done here by Claudia Winkleman and her iconic fringe tapping contestants on the shoulder while they're all blindfolded.

Our conspiring cabal for season two ended up being Ash, Harry and Paul, and on their first night they were allowed to recruit one more person to their ranks and chose to bring Miles onboard.

From there they've been able to plot the murders of a couple of faithful folk while also attempting to rig the daily vote to banish one of the cast, but to find out exactly how they do on that front you'll just have to watch the show.

Paul off The Traitors appeared on Deal or No Deal back in 2010, it didn't go so well.

As for familiar faces, some viewers of The Traitors have realised that they've seen Paul on a different game show before.

Casting your minds back to the days of 2010, a 22-year-old fellow ended up going on Channel 4's (it's since hopped to ITV) Deal or No Deal and it turns out that guy was Paul off The Traitors.

He'll be hoping his appearance on a popular game show goes a little better the second time around as he stuck with his box until the end, refused the Banker's diminishing offers which ended in a final offer of £2.50 and then chose to swap his box, only to realise he'd given away one with £10 in it for one containing 10p.

All in all it was not a successful run on Deal or No Deal, and with the benefit of hindsight if he'd taken the Banker's first offer of £15,000 he'd have done much better.

The first three episodes of The Traitors season two are available to stream

now on BBC iPlayer, with more to follow.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/BBC

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