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How to apply for The Traitors as season 2 winner is revealed

How to apply for The Traitors as season 2 winner is revealed

Could you be a winner, or are you going out early?

Warning! Spoilers for The Traitors season two below!

That was exciting, wasn't it?

Season two of The Traitors has been one hell of a rollercoaster but all good things must come to an end.

We've had twists, turns, a mother and son reveal and an all-time great TV villain in Paul, but the show is over and in the end it was the Traitors who claimed victory.

After all those trials, banishments and murders, traitor Harry Clark is walking away with the prize and the respect of the woman with the most iconic fringe on TV.

But while something ends, something else begins because season three of the incredibly popular BBC show has already been confirmed and you've still got a chance to be on it.

Next time The Traitors is on, it could be you standing around Claudia Winkleman.

If you've been watching along at home and thinking the Faithfuls are a bunch of idiots who missed the obvious signs when it came to sniffing out a Traitor, then now's your chance to do better.

Us lot watching at home get to know who is on which team right from the start, which allows us to pick up on what's going on, going into the game with no clue has got to be a whole lot harder.

If you think you can do better then applications for season three of The Traitors are still open - you've got until 11 February to put forward your case as to why you should be on the show.

If you want to know how to apply to be on The Traitors, be aware that the show's producers are looking for something special, with Mike Cotton telling the Metro that they didn't want people who were just in it for fame.

Millions of people are watching The Traitors but those making the show don't want folks desperate for their time on TV.

Get on The Traitors and you could be the next Paul, or you could be the next Jaz and suss him out... or maybe you'll be the next Ross.

Instead they want applicants with 'a passion for playing that game' who 'potentially might come to it with a game plan or a strategy'.

If you're a dab hand at social deception games then get applying, and if you've got some kind of skill of life experience that would be helpful, then they definitely want to hear from you.

To apply you'll have to fill in this form before the 11 February deadline, and there's a few other things you'll need to stand a chance of getting in.

You will have to be over 18 to apply, have the legal right to reside in the UK and be able to dedicate up to four weeks of your time in either spring or summer this year towards filming the show.

If that sounds like you then apply for The Traitors and before long you might have an audience of millions yelling at the telly because you're voting for some poor Faithful when a Traitor is SO. OBVIOUSLY. RIGHT. THERE.

Best of luck!

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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