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The Traitors players' 'codename' revealed after ‘Easter Egg’ is finally exposed on show

The Traitors players' 'codename' revealed after ‘Easter Egg’ is finally exposed on show

Fans of the hit BBC show were left stunned by the events that unfolded in Wednesday's episode.

Warning: Contains spoilers for The Traitors

The Traitors viewers are still reeling from last night's episode after a closely guarded secret was finally exposed.

Most people's jaws were left on the floor as they watched the drama unfold on the hit BBC show on Wednesday (24 January) night, as one of the most shocking storylines of the series finally came to an end. Take a look at this:

Of course, we're talking about the sneaky mother and son duo, Ross and Diane Carson.

After watching the woman who brought him into the world get 'buried alive' and 'murdered' by fellow contestants, it's no wonder the video director was out for revenge.

In Friday's episode, Ross was unexpectedly recruited as a Traitor by the two remaining Traitors, Harry and Andrew - which came as quite a surprise to avid watchers of the latest series.

Mouths were left hanging when he then revealed his intentions to bring down the Traitors from the inside in a bid to avenge his mother's 'murder', but his grand plan didn't exactly go swimmingly.

In fact, it went down like a lead balloon - his revenge plot was quickly sussed out and he ended up banished, despite his attempts at trying to turn the tables on his fellow Traitor Andrew.

Ross was on a mission to get revenge following his mother's 'murder'.

Following a tense showdown at the roundtable, Ross was given the boot in last night's episode.

But before he said goodbye to his co-stars, he had to share the 'Easter egg' he has been hiding from them.

The 28-year-old said: "Well guys, there is not a lot of us now. It's a bit mad. We've all got far in this game and each and every one of you, I had like a real, real connection with. I'll just leave you with one little Easter egg before I go.

"I was actually the son of someone in this game... that person was Diane."

The reactions of the other players were priceless - as they're were plenty of gasps, stunned looks and a 'No f**king way!' from Evie, while Mollie hilariously asked: "He's Diane's son? So he's Irish?"

Jasmine was especially shocked by the news, saying: "Speechless, head spun. He pulled the wool over my eyes for so long. I'm so embarrassed, everyone is looking at me, thanks Ross. If you don't laugh, you'd cry."

His fellow players were left stunned by his familial connection to Diane.

While appearing on The Traitors: Uncloaked, Ross then found out that he and his mother had been given a comedic nickname during their time on the popular programme.

Host Ed Gamble revealed what secret codename the crew on set referred to him and Diane as, and it's pretty clever if I do say so myself.

Ed explained that the team had dubbed the duo 'The Supremes', because of the close proximity their names have to the girl group's legendary lead vocalist Diana Ross.

Ross responded: "I don't know how people haven't made that connection, that is the best thing I've ever heard.That's fantastic."

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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