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Former Walking Dead fans baffled people still watch as yet another spinoff is announced

Former Walking Dead fans baffled people still watch as yet another spinoff is announced

The Walking Dead is on spin-off number six now

Could you correctly guess how many spinoffs there have been for The Walking Dead?

The zombie apocalypse series based off the comics by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard first started in 2010 and ran all the way to 2022 after a staggering 11 seasons.

But that's not all, as along with the main run of The Walking Dead there have been five spinoff series, and there's just been a sixth announced.

This one's called The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, and the big news about it is that Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is coming back as a series regular.

Last time we saw Rick was during a cameo in the Walking Dead finale in 2022, and before that we saw his exit from the show in 2018 where he was taken to safety after blowing up a bridge full of walkers.

Look everybody, it's Rick!

Now he's back properly for The Ones Who Live along with Michonne (Danai Gurira) who has left the safety of a group to search for him.

The news that Rick is coming back has made a lot of Walking Dead fans very excited, though there are some who are utterly baffled that people are still on this particular hype train almost 14 years after it first started.

Quite a few have been hopping online to ask whether people even still watch The Walking Dead.

Of course the answer is technically no, as it ended a couple of years ago, but with several spinoffs under the belt the franchise has still got content coming out.

Over its run the show shed a lot of viewers, with many complaining that it had become 'a soap opera with zombies' and as one put it more succinctly, 's**t'.

Michonne is tracking down Rick, and you'd better believe she's going to find him.

Someone else marvelled at the loyalty of Walking Dead fans who were still showing up, saying: "People who still watch The Walking Dead might have the lowest divorce rate of any group of people.

"These mfers are f**king committed, no matter through thin or thin."

Things might be different this time around, as many Walking Dead fans pointed out to those venting their disbelief that they'd been 'waiting on the return of Rick for years now'.

Sadly the arrival of the show's leading character wasn't enough for everyone to stick around, as a few former fans said it was 'a little too late' and they'd already closed the book on their attachment to The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live will release on AMC on 25 February in the US, details on a UK release are unknown.

Featured Image Credit: AMC

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