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Twenty One Pilots frontman Tyler Joseph slips over a drumstick onstage

Twenty One Pilots frontman Tyler Joseph slips over a drumstick onstage

Twenty One Pilots frontman Tyler Joseph slipped over a drumstick that bandmate Josh Dun had dropped as they performed in Cleveland, Ohio

Footage shows the moment Twenty One Pilots frontman Tyler Joseph slipped over a drumstick in the middle of a performance, having hurt both his knee and ankle in the incident. Watch the clip here: 

The duo had been performing in Cleveland, Ohio, yesterday (30 August) when drummer Josh Dun ‘dropped a stick’. 

Thinking nothing of it, he left the drumstick where it had fallen, believing it wouldn’t cause any issue. 

However, as Joseph ran across the stage, he ‘found the stick with his foot’, with a video showing the moment he came crashing to the floor. 

One fan caught the painful moment on camera.

Twenty One Pilots later offered an update on Twitter, with Dun fessing up about what had happened – confirming his bandmate had twisted his ankle and hurt his knee after slipping over. 

“I don’t do this very often – it happens every once in a while – I dropped a stick,” he said to the camera. 

“And I thought, ‘Surely, it’s right there, it should be fine.’ 

Josh Dun explained what had happened in a video to fans.

“Two songs later, Tyler found the stick... with his foot. [He] twists his ankle, and goes down and slices his knee open. 

“And so I really hurt my best friend tonight, and I feel terrible.” 

Turning to Joseph, he added: “So I’m going to buy you dinner or something!” 

It looks like the two are still friends.

Thankfully, Joseph didn’t look too beaten up as he held up a peace sign, suggesting he’d already forgiven his butterfingered pal. 

The group also posted a photo of the damage, showing Joseph lying on a sofa with both of his legs up on a chair – his right ankle and left knee both being numbed by makeshift ice packs. 

He also appeared to have a cut on his left arm, with Dun sitting beside him with a guilty expression. 

Joseph hurt his knee and ankle in the incident.

Many fans wished Joseph well, as well as praising him for carrying on with the show.

One person commented: "The way you kept going even after you fell took a lot. Please make sure you recover and don’t push yourself @tylerrjoseph we know you have a lot of shows coming up but your health and safety is more important to us."

Someone else said: "You’re such a trooper for continuing the show after that :( rest up as much as you can bud?"

A third added: "Dude how did we not see this, you didn't even slow down."

Another joked that Dun's expression in the photo was a 'classic oops-i-f**ked-up face', while one fan told him: "What happened was an accident, it wasn't your fault Josh. I hope Tyler recovers soon, he is very brave to continue the show."

The pair are due to continue The Icy Tour with another live show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, tonight (31 August).

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@Dogacagrtc

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