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Will There Be A Season 4 Of The Umbrella Academy? Potential Release Date And Plot

Will There Be A Season 4 Of The Umbrella Academy? Potential Release Date And Plot

All you need to know about the potential season 4 of Umbrella Academy on Netflix.

Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy has already established itself as an audience-pleasing, critically acclaimed series which amassed sufficient viewers with its first season to justify being twice renewed by the streaming service.

With season 3 recently hitting screens, fans are already wondering about the likelihood of a fourth season.

Without giving away too much, the show revolves around six superhuman individuals who were all adopted by a billionaire as children but split up in their teenage years due to conflicting personalities.

Originally a group of seven, the six remaining attempt to regroup following their adoptive father’s death but struggle to once again.

Oh, and just for good measure, there’s an apocalypse on the horizon that has to be dealt with.

The dysfunctional children all suffer from their own internal complexities though how they cope with them varies drastically, resulting in some rather strange events, including plenty of time travelling shenanigans.

Reviews for the show have been overwhelmingly positive from critics and fans alike, with The Umbrella Academy currently sitting at 8/10 and 83% on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes respectively.

Audiences have raved even more than critics about the series, indicated by the 87% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Interestingly, the first season has been reviewed significantly less favourably than the latter two, with a margin of 15% on Rotten Tomatoes between the first and second season.

Critics, however, do not determine the future of a series; rather, it is how the masses receive a show which plots its course. Considering The Umbrella Academy has garnered both critical and popular admiration, what are the chances we get to see a fourth season?

Will There Be A Fourth Season Of The Umbrella Academy?

Good news!! It seems as though Netflix has taken a bold call and agreed to produce a fourth season before the third season has been made publicly accessible, according to Screen Rant.

Although this may come across as a risk taken by Netflix, it may also play into the service’s hands as the streaming giant has previously been accused of losing touch with the fans over abrupt show cancellations, an early renewal of one of the platform’s most popular original series may help curb audience dissatisfaction.

What Can We Expect from Season 4 Of The Umbrella Academy?

Evidently, it’s almost impossible to predict the events of season four with season three yet to release but more news is expected swiftly after the final episode of season three airs. Here’s hoping the third season releases without issue so Netflix can crack on with the fourth.

When Will Season 4 Of The Umbrella Academy Be Released?

Assuming its existence is not fabricated, season four would most likely release in summer 2023.

Though no official target date has been announced, given the precedent set by the previous two seasons, it seems as though it takes Netflix roughly a year from the end of one season to complete production on another.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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