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Val Kilmer wants to return as Batman and do a HEAT sequel

Val Kilmer wants to return as Batman and do a HEAT sequel

When asked if he ever wanted to appear in DC's Batman film franchise, the actor responded with a firm 'yes please'.

Val Kilmer is keen for a trip down memory lane as he wants to return to the Batman franchise and film a Heat sequel.

The actor sat down with entertainment reporter Jim Vejvoda for IGN while promoting his latest flick Top Gun: Maverick.

But as the conversation derailed from the action blockbuster, Vejvoda took this as an opportunity to ask the 62-year-old about one of his most legendary characters.

He asked: “Specifically, we now have multiple universes in comic book movies where actors who've played Batman or Spider-Man in the past team up with the current actor playing the role. Would you have any interest in playing Batman/Bruce Wayne again even in a cameo?"

To which Kilmer responded with a firm: “Yes, please.”

This, of course, sent Twitter users into a frenzy as one person wrote: “I think Val Kilmer is under appreciated at a Batman.”


While a third person shared: “Val Kilmer will always in my books be the superior Batman.”

However, the nostalgia didn’t stop there, as the journalist also asked Kilmer which one of his iconic films he would like to make a sequel of.

Kilmer said: “HEAT would be fun. I love Michael Mann. We get along great and we have a great deal of trust…”

Heat is a Los Angeles crime drama released in the mid-nineties that follows an LAPD detective Lieutenant Vincent Hanna attempting to hunt down a career criminal.

Warner Bros. Pictures/Alamy

It's considered one of the most influential films of its genre with a star-studded cast with the likes of Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Jon Voight.

The film was a commercial hit too, accumulating $187 million (AUD $268m or £158m) worldwide at the box office.

At the time of its release, Newsweek writer David Ansen called the film an ‘unusually soulful action movie’ while adding ‘Mann reinvests the genre with brooding, modernist conviction’.

While Reel Film critic David Nusair called the flick ‘one of the best crime movies ever made'.

Although sequels rarely live up to the hype of the original film, we have to admit getting these A-listers to reunite on the big screen would be an epic cinematic experience.

Featured Image Credit: val.kilmerofficial / Instagram. Warner Bros

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