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Viewers Disgusted By Doctor's Sickening Secret In Upcoming Netflix True Crime Doc

Viewers Disgusted By Doctor's Sickening Secret In Upcoming Netflix True Crime Doc

"This is horrifying"

Viewers have been left disgusted by the premise of an upcoming Netflix documentary named Our Father. Check out the trailer below:

The film, set for release next month, focuses on the twisted crimes of Donald Cline, a former fertility doctor who fathered dozens of children by artificially inseminating his sperm into women without their knowledge or consent. 

In the trailer we meet Jacoba Ballard, one of Cline’s first biological children to start piecing together what had happened after an at-home DNA test led her to the discovery of not one but seven half-siblings.

“The majority of us live in a 25-mile radius of each other,” Ballard says in the trailer. “I walk around, and I can be related to everyone. I dread every new match that comes, but they just keep coming.”

Jacoba Ballard in Our Father.

A number of other siblings are featured in the teaser, with one saying, “You’re praying, ‘Please don’t let it be somebody I know, please don’t let it be somebody I dated’.”

While the story itself broke in 2016, the trailer for Our Father has grabbed the attention of the online community. 

Numerous viewers have since taken to Twitter to comment on the story, with one writing: “So this fertility doctor has been switching the sperms of the donor Dads with HIS OWN sperm and injecting it into the Moms who come for IVF.

“For years now, the whole community is related low key.”

“Oh man. Everyone should peep that Our Father trailer. Blumhouse Netflix Documentary about a sick and twisted infertility doctor. Looks sinister,” said another, while a third simply wrote, “Ugh this gives me chills – this is horrifying.”

A fourth chimed in: “The trailer for Our Father doc on Netflix looks crazy as f**k. An infertility doctor planted his own sperm on about 70+ women in the same town and no one knew this for decades.”

Others praised Netflix for its selection of headline-grabbing subjects, including this person who said: “Netflix is killing it with these documentaries! This story is crazy. Can’t wait to watch.”

Not only does the documentary offer new insights into the shocking case, but it also highlights the rising trend of genetic genealogy, including at-home DNA testing kits. 


As outlined by Netflix Tudum, it’s becoming an increasingly common way for adopted and donor-conceived children like Ballard and her half-siblings to learn more about their ancestry.

In the process, however, many people have uncovered some dark family secrets, perhaps none quite as widespread as the case of Dr Cline. 

You can watch Our Father on Netflix from 11 May, 2022.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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