The Staircase Contains A Colin Firth Scene Viewers Never Thought They'd See

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Viewers of Colin Firth and Toni Collette’s new HBO Max show The Staircase have been left feeling some type of way, especially after one specific scene.

The mini-series is a dramatisation of the notorious documentary about Michael Peterson (Firth), whose wife Kathleen (Collette) was found dead at the bottom of their staircase in December 2001. 

Firth fans were flabbergasted by one particular scene in episode three of the show, and now is the perfect time to warn you that spoilers lay ahead. Although, this might be the sort of spoiler you’re grateful for, depending on how x-rated you like your Mr Darcy.

Viewers of The Staircase have been left feeling some type of way. Credit: HBO/Alamy

Let’s cut to the chase: just over halfway through episode three, Firth and Collette’s characters are seen having a rather solemn chat in the kitchen about finances while the latter chops up some veggies.

Firth then approaches Collette from behind and may or may not proceed to rim her (he does).

The moment has left viewers shocked and confused as to what they’d just seen - but a running theme was that no one could quite believe Firth had it in him.

One person exclaimed on Twitter: “Colin Firth for real gonna win an Emmy for ass eating. What a time to be alive!”

Another added: “Well Colin Firth rimming Toni Collette is not something I ever expected to see in my life.”

“Never thought I’d be watching Colin Firth eating Toni Colette’s ass on a Friday night,” echoed a third.

The series is a dramatisation of the documentary about Michael Peterson. Credit: HBO/Alamy

A fourth social media user added: “When I woke up this morning, the day of our Lord May 24 2022, I did not think I would see Colin Firth eating Toni Collette’s ass. But, thanks to The Staircase, here we are.”

A rather bemused fifth viewer said: “You’ll never see me side with the anti-sex scene zoomers, but watching Colin Firth casually eat Toni Collette’s ass in their kitchen in THE STAIRCASE did have me asking ‘What are we doing here?’”

Both Firth and Collette touched upon the scene when speaking to Variety earlier this month, revealing that an intimacy coordinator had been hired for the series.

However Collette said she felt so comfortable around Firth and showrunner Antonio Campos that she didn’t seek any advice from the professional. 

“I didn’t want to talk to her, because I felt, between Antonio and Colin, completely safe. There was a lot of trust. And I knew the crew, and that was my team,” Collette explained.

She added:If I’d been with other people where I didn’t feel as comfortable, I probably would have welcomed her there. But I just felt so secure in our world that I didn’t feel the need for her presence.”

Firth told the outlet he did seek the intimacy coordinator’s advice, saying:I did. And she was great. Very understanding and good — human and sensitive.”

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