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Conor McGregor’s Teammate Rinses Rita Ora For Captioning Photo ‘Date Night’

Conor McGregor’s Teammate Rinses Rita Ora For Captioning Photo ‘Date Night’

Two simple words has led to hundreds of angry comments on the British singer's social media account...

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

It's funny how a few words can cause such a shit storm on social media these days. Even the most innocuous phrase can send people into a bloody frenzy and abusive or angry comments come in thick and fast.

Unfortunately for British singer Rita Ora, she managed to stir up some classic social media hatred with just two words: 'Date Night'.

The 'Anywhere' artist uploaded two snaps of her sitting next to MMA champion Conor McGregor while at the British Fashion Awards in London. It seemed pretty tongue-in-cheek and not all that serious, partly considering both McGregor and Ora are in relationships.

But that didn't stop people from taking Rita to town over the two simple words, with one of those being McGregor's teammates Artem Lobov.

The Russian naturalised Irish professional fighter commented on the tweet saying: "Sorry Rita, Burgers are nice but not when a man has steak at home."

Interestingly, Artem deleted the savage tweet and Rita has changed the caption on Instagram (albeit due to the increasing abuse). Ms Ora added another photo with Donatella Versace with the caption, 'Last night with my real date', but that didn't throw anyone off the scent.

Julie wrote: "Oi mate, you've got a woman at home who's stuck by you from day one, gave you a kid and devotes her life to your sport. Stop messing around."

Klaudia added: "He should have a respect for his wife at the first place and don't look at Rita like she's a piece of meat or something."

People seem really, really fucking angry about the idea of McGregor even looking at another woman.

One thing that probably definitely doesn't sit well with some about Rita Ora is the idea she was once accused of being the woman that Jay Z cheated on his wife with. When Beyoncé dropped her album Lemonade, she referred to 'Becky with the good hair' in the song 'Sorry'.

Rita Ora and Conor McGregor
Rita Ora and Conor McGregor

Credit: Rita Ora/Instagram

Immediately people started trying to find out who this mysterious 'Becky' is, and the masses settled on Rita. She tried to shut down the haters by writing on social media: "I never usually address tabloid gossip but let me be clear, these rumours are false.

"I have nothing but the upmost respect for Beyonce. Let's continue enjoying Lemonade."

A source close to the star told the Mirror that she was 'mortified' at being labelled a home wrecker and that the allegations against her were completely 'unfounded'.

But again, that didn't stop her social media accounts being filled with people leaving bee emojis in the comments section.

Poor Rita, she can't sit next to a bloke and upload a photo without people calling her a whole host of names.

Sources: Mirror

Featured Image Credit: Rita Ora/Instagram

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