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The hidden sexual meaning behind Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles

The hidden sexual meaning behind Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles

Turns out he's actually not singing about the fruit...

Unless you've been living under a rock, you surely know Harry Styles' hit single 'Watermelon Sugar'.

But did you know that the Grammy-winning song has a somewhat hidden sexual meaning?

If you check out the music video, and really take a good hard look at the lyrics, you can probably figure it out for yourself. But in case you're still not sure, Harry himself has come right out and said it.

'Watermelon Sugar' has been a go-to on people's feel-good playlists since it first dropping in November 2019, eventually becoming the second track on Harry's album Fine Line.

The single got to the top ten in more than 20 countries, and became Harry's first ever number one in the US.

It even won him a Grammy Award in 2021 for Best Pop Solo Performance, and a Brit Award for Song of the Year.

Harry first spoke about the song's meaning during his Tiny Desk Concert for NPR back in 2020.

The singer explained: "It’s kind of about that initial, I guess, euphoria of when you start seeing someone or sleeping with someone or just like being around someone and you have that kind of excitement about them."

The music video says it all.
Harry Styles/ YouTube

And you thought he was singing about fruit this whole time.

Once you realise it, you'll see the signs were there all along.

For starters, the music video opens with a message that reads: "This video is dedicated to touching."

And it only gets more obvious from there, with scenes of Harry sensually running his finger along and eating a slice of watermelon, while various models pose and make watermelons look like the most euphoric thing you could ever eat.

Harry isn't exactly being coy about it. Then, you've got song lyrics like:

'I want your belly/ And that summer feelin'/ Getting washed away in you/ Breathe me in/ Breathe me out

'I don't know if I could ever go without.'

Plus there's the bridge, where he repeats the line: 'I just wanna taste it.'

Harry Styles even explained the meaning of 'Watermelon Sugar' himself.
Image Press Agency / Alamy Stock Photo

It sort of explains itself, don't you think?

And if you're *still* not picking up on what I'm getting at, Harry spelled it out clear as day during his 2021 tour.

While performing in Nashville, Tennessee, he told the audience: "This song is about - it doesn't really matter what it's about. It's about... it's about, uh, the sweetness of life. Sing it for me!"

After getting the crowd to sing the first verse of 'Watermelon Sugar', he casually adds in: "It's also about the female orgasm, but that's totally different. It's not really relevant."

Got it now?

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock/Harry Styles/YouTube

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