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Who Is Danny Andrews?

Who Is Danny Andrews?

14 years after his 'fish and rice cake' diet went viral, here is everything you need to know about Danny Andrews.

Since a clip of Danny Andrews went viral in 2008, what has he been up to and where is he now?

Who is Danny Andrews and Why is He Famous?

You may better know him as ‘fish and rice cakes’ guy, but Danny Andrews is a northern bodybuilder who went viral in 2008, after a clip of him showcasing his extensive diet plan of none other than ‘fish and rice cakes’ on a BBC Three documentary became a meme.

In the programme called Baby Faced Bodybuilders, Danny outlined what he eats in a day for BBC Three viewers, and if you can’t remember the infamous moment, we’re here to jog your memory:

“At eight o’clock in the morning, I’ll have fish and a rice cake. At 10 o’clock, I’ll have fish. At 12 o’clock, I’ll have fish and a rice cake. At two o’clock, I’ll have fish. At four o’clock, just before I train, I’ll have fish and a rice cake. I’ll train and I’ll have me fish and I’ll come home, have some more fish with a rice cake and then have some fish before I go to bed and that’s it for the day.” I think you can gather where this is going!

Danny Andrews Key Facts

  • Real Name: Daniel Andrews
  • Age: 30
  • Nationality: British
  • TikTok Followers: 2884
  • Instagram Followers: 10.6k

It seems as though Danny has taken full advantage of his viral meme back in the early 2000s, and has since set up his own barber shop called ‘Danny’s Barbershop’ based in Preston, which offers a wide range of male grooming services. Listed on his website, you can get a ‘Gents Cut’ for £15, a Skin Fade for £15 and a Beard Trim for £8. 

Although his total net worth is not known, it appears the barber is doing well for himself, whilst also maintaining and sharing his bodybuilder lifestyle on Instagram. 

He also appeared on an episode of Channel 4’s First Dates in 2021, unfortunately for Danny the date didn’t work out, but the public fell back in love with the hilarious character all over again, all these years later.

Speaking to LADbible in 2019 he said: “My diet was only that for the last two weeks before my show - I actually don’t like fish.” It’s definitely a sentence we never thought we’d hear this guy say. 

It seems Danny has plans to return to competing as a bodybuilder, but we’re thinking he might have changed his meal plan since 2008, or so we would hope!

Featured Image Credit: Danny Andrews Instagram

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