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Netflix viewers dub croc wrestler the 'new Steve Irwin' after watching wild show

Netflix viewers dub croc wrestler the 'new Steve Irwin' after watching wild show

Wild Croc Territory sees Matt Wright and his fearless team of wranglers as they catch and relocate crocodiles in Australia

If you're a Steve Irwin fan, there's a new show on Netflix that might be right up your street. Check out the trailer here:

Wild Croc Territory follows Matt Wright and his fearless team of crocodile wranglers as they catch and relocate some of the world's most ferocious reptiles in Australia's wild Outback.

Based on that description, it will probably come as no surprise to you that Wright is being compared to late great crocodile hunter Irwin.

On Twitter, one viewer wrote: "Watching Wild Croc Territory on Netflix. This guy is Steve Irwin level crazy."

Another added: "If you loved watching Steve Irwin growing up Wild Croc Territory will bring a little croc nostalgia."

Irwin died in September 2006 after being pierced in the chest by a stingray barb.

Naturally, Wright is flattered by the comparisons.

Matt Wright has been dubbed as the 'new Steve Irwin' after his new series dropped on Netflix.

He told the Daily Star: "Steve did his thing, put conservation and Australia on the map on a massive scale, which was incredible – he did it very well.

"If I could get to half of that capacity and awareness and have that voice like he did I would be amazed. Being compared to Steve Irwin is an absolute honour.

"He's one of Australia's icons – what he did was huge."

Back in February, Irwin's children paid tribute to 'the greatest dad and Wildlife Warrior' on what would have been his 60th birthday.

Son Robert said that every minute spent with his father had been 'a blessing'.

"Happy birthday Dad. Love & miss you every day," he wrote.

"My earliest memories are my fondest thanks to you. Hanging on to the handlebars of the motorbike, on your morning lap of the zoo.

Steve Irwin is still remembered and missed greatly 16 years on from his death.

"Every minute with you was a blessing. I'm gonna ride that lap on your old motorbike this afternoon."

His older sister Bindi, who was eight years old when their father died, also wrote: "Happy Birthday to the greatest dad and Wildlife Warrior.

"Today I'll watch The Crocodile Hunter with Grace Warrior and share stories about her incredible Grandpa Crocodile.

"I love you with all my heart. Your legacy lives on."

Both Robert and Bindi have followed in their father's footsteps by becoming environmentalists and television personalities.

Featured Image Credit: National Geographic/Entertainment Pictures/Alamy

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