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Will Ferrell spotted having a pint in UK pub

Will Ferrell spotted having a pint in UK pub

The movie star was kicking back with a drink before watching a football match

First Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney take over a Welsh football club, and now Will Ferrell has been spotted enjoying a pint in a local UK pub.

Is Wales the new Hollywood? It just might be. Find out what the Anchorman star was doing there below:

Ferrell looked like any other patron as he sat down in The Turf pub in Wrexham, Wales today (11 February), but obviously he couldn't blend in with the crowd too much because, well, he's Will Ferrell.

The star was quickly spotted by members of the public who couldn't resist snapping pictures of the actor in the unexpected setting.

In one tweet shared by Twitter user Jord, Ferrell could be seen in the pub sitting at a table among a number of other people, sipping on a pint and engaging in some conversation as if he just wanted to knock back a cold one after long day at work.

Though he obviously is very hardworking, the actor is actually in Wrexham today to watch Reynolds and McElhenney's football team go up against Wealdstone.

Locals in Wrexham and fans of the star can't get over the sight of Ferrell in the local pub, reacting as I'm sure any unsuspecting Brit would if they stumbled across an A-list celebrity while out at the local boozer.

"Just walking out the Turf. See some phones out. Walk over and just see Will Ferrell having a pint. As you do," one Wrexham fan wrote on Twitter, while another commented: "This is amazing. I didn’t think I could love Will Ferrell more."

Ferrell was enjoying a pint before the football game.

Ferrell, who starred alongside Reynolds in Apple TV's Spirited, revealed his plans to take a trip across the pond to visit the football team during an episode of podcaster Roger Bennett's Men in Blazers show last month.

He explained: “We are planning a trip in February to hit the triple crown — Fulham, QPR and and Wrexham."

Ferrell has even previously pitched a match between Wrexham and Los Angeles FC; an American club where he is a minority owner.

Ferrell stepped on to the grass at the Racecourse before kickoff.

He pulled Jason Sudeikis into the challenge as he referenced his role in the hit football comedy Ted Lasso, saying: "I think Ted's team, Ryan’s team, and LA FC should try and play each other at some point. Like a three-team tournament.”

Following his drink at The Turf, Ferrell was seen making his way along the front of the stands and stepping out on to the pitch at Wrexham's Racecourse Ground, ready for the game to kick off at 3pm today.

Featured Image Credit: @jordgriffxxix/Twitter/TripAdvisor

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