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Woman Spends £70k To Turn Herself Into Pamela Anderson After Watching Pam & Tommy

Woman Spends £70k To Turn Herself Into Pamela Anderson After Watching Pam & Tommy

The mum previously embarked on a journey to look like a 'human barbie', but has now had a change of heart

After spending much of her life transforming into a ‘human barbie’, one woman now wishes to become her idol, Pamela Anderson

LA-based Marcela Iglesias previously spent £60,000 on procedures including Botox, fillers and spider web abs, all in an effort to look as doll-like as possible. 

She recently experienced a change of heart regarding her barbie-inspired transformation, so the mum has now set her sights on her childhood idol, Pamela Anderson. 

After watching Disney+ hit series Pam & Tommy, Marcela felt inspired to go under the knife to replicate Pamela’s notorious 34Ds. 

“I said to myself 'it’s time to fulfil my fantasy, I need boobs',” the self-proclaimed 'Queen of Hollywood' recalled. 

Jam Press

“Ever since I was young, I thought Pamela was the most beautiful woman. I got infatuated with her and Baywatch. 

"I've been watching the new series and I loved the fact that Lily James is wearing a prosthetic piece that looks exactly like the replica of Pam’s boobs. 

"I'm very happy with my new set." 

The real Pam.

Marcela is not only striving for a physical likeness to her idol, but also looking to replicate her morals and ethics. 

Just like her soon-to-be twin, the Queen of Hollywood is a big animal activist and vegetarian. 

Pam is also known for her voracious sexual appetite, which Marcela shares, as she said: "I think she’s very sexy and very open about her sexuality and so am I. 

Jam Press

"We both love sex as a freedom of expression." 

Marcela’s previous obsession with Barbie began when her mum refused to buy her the doll when she was growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which only fuelled her fixation. 

When she was just 14, she ditched her naturally brown hair for bleach-blonde locks. 

Despite previously undergoing minimally invasive procedures, she claims never to have gone under the knife until now. 

She said: "I've been thinking about getting a lift for while after I lost 12lbs last year. 

"All my fat had gone and I wanted to perk my breasts up, and I wanted to look more like Pamela." 

Marcela's quest to maintain a youthful and healthy physique led her to undergo some interesting procedures. 

In 2018, she paid £2,200 for a ‘spider web butt lift’ that saw doctors injecting 100 collagen threads into her bum. 

Less than a year later, Marcela returned for the world's first-ever spider web abs, using the same kind of procedure in order to help her regain a six-pack. 

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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