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Magician pulls off 'world's fastest magic' trick

Magician pulls off 'world's fastest magic' trick

Pete Firman is a magician who claims that he has the 'world's fastest magic trick' - at 26 seconds, it's got to be right up there

A magician has left viewers absolutely baffled with a new magic trick that he claims is the ‘world’s fastest’. Have a watch for yourself - can you work out what is going on here?

Magic is an ancient art, and there are few who know the secrets behind the tricks.

It’s also a massively varied craft, with tricks ranging from simple card tricks right up to that time David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear.

This particular trick is more like the former, in case you’re wondering.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t impressive, though.

It was performed by magician and comedian Pete Firman and it takes just 26 seconds from start to finish.

Is that the world’s fastest magic trick?

Who knows, and - frankly - who cares?

The real question her is - how on earth does he do it?

He starts off with just a normal can of Coke, pouring it - although it isn't full, whether that is important or not - into a glass to prove it is real.

Pete takes the ring-pull off the Coke can first...

Then, he rips the ring-pull off the top of it, before putting it in his hand and underneath the can.

With a click of his magical fingers - and probably some piece of sleight of hand as well - the ring-pull magically flicks straight back onto the can, seemingly reconnecting itself straight away.

Honestly, if you can work out how he does it, there’s a strong chance you’re one half of Penn and Teller.

Since he shared the video yesterday, many people have commented to say that they’ve got no idea how the trick is done.

Obviously, there are some people who reckon they’ve got the knowledge though, with one saying simply: “Magnets.”

Another asked: “Can you still do it with the Coke in the can? Or is it essential to the trick?”

They accompanied that with a winking emoji, so maybe that’s a clue to something about the illusion.

Then again, maybe not.

Someone else noted: “Anyone asking how he did that...

“The question isn’t how, the question is when.”

Most people, however, are just amazed by the trick, calling the magician a ‘scary witch’ and saying that it is just ‘genuine magic’.

Magically, the Coke ring-pull reappears attached to the can.

Well, it probably isn’t, because that would be a much bigger story altogether.

Nonetheless, it’s definitely an impressive trick, and one to get plenty of people scratching their heads about how he does it.

Hopefully, it might sell a few tickets for his tour as well.

If you’ve been amazed and astounded enough to want to go to see Pete perform more acts of extreme confusion in the flesh, you can find the dates for his tour here.

Ask him about the one with the ring-pull for us whilst you’re there.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@petefirman

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