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Netflix viewers can’t sleep after calling Wounds the most terrifying movie of all time

Netflix viewers can’t sleep after calling Wounds the most terrifying movie of all time

Wounds have made viewers too scared to sleep at night, thanks to Dakota Johnson's performance in the Netflix horror.

Netflix fans are struggling to sleep after discovering a star-studded horror on the platform.

Despite being released in 2019, Wounds has been keeping fans up night after they watched the supernatural thriller.

With people online calling it ‘the most terrifying movie’ ever, the Netflix horror is actually well worth a watch.


Armie Hammer stars as a bartender, who witnesses a brutal bar brawl one night whilst working on shift.

Reeling from what he’s seen, Will (Hammer) sets about repairing the damage to the cockroach-infested bar in New Orleans when he discovers a phone left at the scene.

Eager to find and return it to its owner, he scrolls through the phone but begins to obsess over the disturbing contents and strange messages he receives.

As his mind begin to unravel, Will becomes increasing concern with a strange, unearthly entity, only known as ‘the higher’.

This is despite attempts to bring Will back to sanity by his girlfriend, Carrie – played by Dakota Johnson.

However, it seems that she too will fall victim to them, as Carrie also becomes increasingly convinced that she’s being followed.

At just over an hour and a half long, the taut supernatural horror is deeply unsettling and the perfect watch for horror fans over the upcoming bank holiday.

Netflix fans have struggled after watching the horror film.

In one lengthy review on Twitter, a user said: “Ghost train rides are unashamed assaults on the senses, grubby, unsubtle: an experience you've already forgotten as you walk away. Most of today's horror films are ghost train rides. WOUNDS on Netflix isn't.”

They continued, adding: “It's the real thing. It creeped me out and I'm still thinking about it.

Others agreed, with another fan added: "Jesus Christ, I just watched "#Wounds" on #Netflix and I guess I won't sleep tonight. "This is the most terrifying movie I have watched in a very long time."

Another person said: "i'm watching wounds on netflix. i don't usually get easily freaked out but this is scary."

While another said it was 'definitely creepy' and the imagery was 'pretty disgusting'.

And one viewer gave Johnson some high praise for her tense performance in the film.

"Just finished watching #wounds on Netflix. Not as scary as I thought it would be but the ending creepy af!” said one viewer, before adding: #dakotajohnson delivers her scenes well in my opinion.”

It seems like it's a pretty good year for horror fans on Netflix as another film also got viewers talking on social media last month.

Viewers were blown away by how 'scary' Don't Listen was, with one person saying: "Tip: don’t watch alone!! So scary but GOOD!!"

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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