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Netflix users warned not to watch terrifying new horror film Don't Listen alone

Netflix users warned not to watch terrifying new horror film Don't Listen alone

Viewers are flocking to social media in alarm after watching a particularly petrifying horror film on Netflix.

Viewers are flocking to social media to tell others not to watch this horror film by yourself.

Prepare to watch the trailer while peering from behind your fingers:

I refuse to go to the cinema to watch a horror film just incase the clown jumps off the screen and attacks me.

Neither do I watch horror films with the volume loud, or in the dark, or without my fingers firmly planted in front of my eyes - in fact, I don't watch horrors at all, let alone anything slightly scary, particularly when I'm on my own.

However, if you are the sort of film fanatic who loves nothing more than a good old jump scare or to go to bed with nightmares, then this movie may be for you.

Although, Netflix users have taken to Twitter to warn horror fans that, despite how much they may love being scared, this film should definitely be watched with some company.

If you watch it alone, prepare to look like this when you try to get to sleep.
eOne Films Spain/Netflix

The film, which will never be making it onto my 'To watch' list?, is called Voces or, as it's advertised in the UK, Don't Listen.

Netflix's official synopsis for the Spanish film reads: "After a tragic turn of events at the new home he's fixing up, Daniel hears a ghostly plea for help, spurring him to seek out a famous paranormal expert."

Flocking to Twitter to praise the film, many viewers were blown away by how 'scary' Don't Listen was.

One user commented: "So have just frightened the s**te out of myself before bed watching #dontlisten on #Netflix - like a Spanish version of #theconjuring. Really good and worth a watch."

"Tip: don’t watch alone!! So scary but GOOD!!" another wrote.

"Y’all should really go watch DON’T LISTEN aka VOCES on Netflix!! It’s a Spanish scary movie and that s**t had me jumping." someone else said.

And one person said the film 'really leaned into ramping up the tension' and found themselves 'covering my eyes in anticipation more than I have in a while'.

The horror was in Netflix's top ten movies when it first came onto the streaming service in 2020.
Twitter/ @Rumark10
Netflix users are warning other horror fans about just how scary 'Don't Listen' is.
@FailedCritic/ Twitter

A fourth said: "Don’t Listen” aka Voces on Netflix actually had me scared that’s why I love Spanish scary movies lol."

While a fifth wrote: "Just watched Don’t Listen (Voces) on Netflix and it’s been a while since a horror flick hit like that."

And a final resolved: "I've been saying for years that modern horror is crap BUT THIS WAS AMAZING!!!! Absolutely stunning, dark, violent, shocking & creepy as all hell! Think The Conjuring, but ramped up to ten!"

Featured Image Credit: eOne Films Spain/Netflix

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