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True crime fans 'can't sleep' after watching chilling documentary about teenage murderer Brian Cohee

True crime fans 'can't sleep' after watching chilling documentary about teenage murderer Brian Cohee

Brian Cohee murdered and dismembered a 69-year-old man in 2021

True crime fans have been left disgusted after watching a documentary about murderer Brian Cohee, who was arrested at the age of 19 after his mother found body parts in his bedroom.

Cohee, from Colorado, US, was arrested in 2021 and later sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole.

He had murdered and dismembered 69-year-old homeless man Warren Barnes, with his mother Terri later discovering the man's decomposing head and hands in her son's bedroom in plastic bags.

It was later revealed that Cohee had planned to dispose of the remains by putting them into his car and driving it into the Colorado River.

Footage of the then-19-year-old's arrest showed him directly telling officers he had human remains in his room when they asked him.

"Your parents have concerns over some stuff they may have found in your room? What would that be?" police asked when they arrived to arrest him.

Brian Cohee will not be granted the chance for parole.
Mesa County

Cohee's response was to say: "Yeah, I believe so, a human head and hands. From that fella that went missing. I murdered him with a knife."

He later said he 'always wondered what murder would feel like' when asked about his motives, and people have been left seriously disturbed after watching a documentary about Cohee.

YouTube channel Explore With Us recently released a true crime doc on the murderer which has racked up over 11 million views in just over a week, and many who watched it said they 'can't sleep' afterwards as they found the whole case 'terrifying'.

Others said it made them feel 'sick' and found it 'a hard documentary to watch' given the gruesome content of his crimes, while many expressed their gladness that he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, meaning he'll spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Plenty of others found solace in the community's reaction, and praised Cohee's parents for turning their son in.

A viewer said they 'hope Brian's mom is okay' while others said she 'stopped her son from becoming a serial killer'.

When police showed up to arrest him Cohee made no attempt to hide his murder.
YouTube/Explore With Us

Another said they could see Cohee's 'dad was absolutely devastated' but were glad he was 'positive and supportive' towards his wife during an incredibly difficult time.

"I'm glad the parents didn't try to save the kid and cover it up," someone else said after watching the documentary.

A woman who reported Warren Barnes missing was described as 'a saint' by some of the viewers, while others said 'bravo to that lady for caring'.

Cohee had told investigators that he planned to target a homeless person or sex worker as he thought nobody would miss them, and laughed as he explained how he carried out the murder.

At his trial he pleaded insanity but was last year found guilty of first-degree murder, two counts of tampering with a dead body and tampering with evidence.

Friends and family of Warren Barnes erected a sculpture in his memory.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Explore With Us

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