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Woman takes gamble on £1,200 John Lewis returns pallet and is staggered at expensive items revealed

Woman takes gamble on £1,200 John Lewis returns pallet and is staggered at expensive items revealed

Rosie Tilley got more than she bargained for when she unboxed the £1,200 John Lewis returns pallet

We all love getting our hands on a bargain, but sometimes that involves taking a little bit of a risk and not knowing what you're going to get.

One YouTuber recently decided to take that risk, in the name of content of course, when she paid an eye-watering £1,200 for a mystery John Lewis returns pallet.

For those who aren't familiar, retailers such as John Lewis offer shoppers the opportunity to buy returned items in bulk on the pretence that the value of the items will be higher than what the buyer is paying.

The catch, however, is that the customer has absolutely no idea what they're buying, and the items could have been returned for any reason.

YouTuber Rosie Tilley decided to take the plunge and spend £800 on a John Lewis pallet, but revealed her actual spend was £1,200 once shipping costs and the buyer's premium package expenses had been added.

That's obviously a lot of money for the vast majority of people, but it turns out that a little risk can lead to a big reward, as Rosie revealed the total value of the items she received was more than double what she paid.

In a video shared to her YouTube channel, Rosie showed off the vast size of the ginormous box, which took weeks to be delivered to her home.

The John Lewis returns pallet turned out to be a treasure trove.
Rosie Tilley/YouTube

When she began unboxing the items, the vlogger was gobsmacked to find a Sage Espresso Creatista Machine worth £374, a Miele Cat & Dog Vacuum Cleaner priced at £579 and an £149 Ninja Foodi multi-cooker, just to name a few of the items.

The box also contained a £90 Nespresso Coffee Machine and a £249 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner.

After unpacking all the items, Rosie explained that she would take a closer look at all the different products and keep her followers updated on what she would keep and what she would sell on.

"I need to try everything out properly and see if I can resell anything that's decent quality to sell," she explained.

"Obviously, for whoever's buying I'm going to let them know it was from a returns pallet, it's up to them if they want to buy it."

Many of Rosie's followers were impressed with the mystery pallet, with one commenting: "Very interesting, hope you are able to sell some of these things on and make your money back!"

Another added: "Some good things there hope you can make a good returns on all of it, good luck."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Rosie Tilley

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