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KSI brutally mocks iShowSpeed with the biggest 'siuuu' ever after saving his penalty in Sidemen match

KSI brutally mocks iShowSpeed with the biggest 'siuuu' ever after saving his penalty in Sidemen match

KSI breaks out a big celebratory yell after saving iShowSpeed’s penalty in the Sidemen charity match

KSI celebrates saving iShowSpeed’s penalty in the Sidemen charity match with a big ‘Siuuu!’

One of the best days in the YouTube sporting calendar, (we’re not sure that’s a thing but go with it), is the Sidemen Charity Match.

And the boys are back bigger than ever this year at West Ham’s stadium with a capacity of 60,000 people…no pressure!

KSI is up to his usual tricks, and just after saving a penalty dribbled at him by fellow YouTuber, iShowSpeed, he celebrated like the GOAT.

But I wouldn't get too cocky mate, it was probably the worst penalty football has ever seen (sorry iShowSpeed).

Even the commenters couldn't believe it, with one saying: "What is that?"

The YouTuber/rapper then ran from the goal and jumped in the air shouting “Siuuuuuu!” as the camera cuts to a defeated Speed on the ground.

But it seems like this is payback from when Speed similarly destroyed KSI in 2022's charity match.

iShowSpeed takes awful penalty

He took out KSI just seconds into the match with a huge tackle which could have got him a red card, had it not been in a charity match.

Rather than apologising, however, Speed got back to his feet and proceeded to celebrate in KSI's face in typically energetic fashion.

And Speed was seemingly on a roll in that match as he also whipped former Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg with his T-shirt, who took it in good spirits.

But, as is to be expected, the Sidemen have not disappointed with their teams this year - with some big names rocking up to help raise some money for charity.

KSI saves penalty at Sidemen Charity Match

On Sidemen FC we have:

  • KSI
  • Miniminter
  • Vikkstar123
  • Behzinga
  • Zerkaa
  • Callux
  • Lazarbeam
  • Calfreezy
  • Randolph
  • Tareq
  • JME

And on the YouTube All-stars line up we have:

  • Mr Beast
  • xQc
  • Danny Aarons
  • Chandler Hallow
  • Niko Omilana
  • Max Fosh
  • Kai Cenat
  • Airrack
  • Aboflah
  • Chunkz
  • ChrisMD
  • Karl Jacobs
  • Theo Baker
  • WillNE
  • Yung Filly
  • JiDion

Elz the Witch and Big Zuu are on presenting duty, whilst Spencer Owen, and none other than the comedic legend himself, Stephen Tries, are providing commentary.

And it’s not difficult to guess which hydration drink is sponsoring the match, you guessed it, the players are being fuelled with Prime.

Managing team Sidemen is F2 Freestylers star Billy Wingrove, while none other than Mark Goldbridge is in charge of the YouTube All-Stars.

The organisations which the match is supporting this year's event include; Brightside, CALM, Teenage Cancer Trust, Rays of Sunshine children’s charity, and m7 education, founded by Simon Minter himself.

Before the match even kicked off, the influencers had raised £31,167.

Back in 2022, the boys raised over £1 million for the charities.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Sidemen

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