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YouTuber who travels to most dangerous places on Earth reveals one place where he thought his life was at risk

YouTuber who travels to most dangerous places on Earth reveals one place where he thought his life was at risk

He was very glad a car showed up to rescue him

A YouTuber who travels to some of the most dangerous spots in the world has revealed which place he felt like his life was most at risk.

Callum Abroad is a channel which, as you might have guessed, shows what sort of dangerous experiences Callum Mills gets into when travelling.

He's one of a group of content creators who engage in 'danger tourism', where they go and make videos in parts of the world known to be risky.

Callum's channel shows that he's been to Afghanistan under Taliban rule, Ukraine during Russia's invasion and even went to the remains of Osama Bin Laden's compound in Pakistan.

He ended up talking about his travels on a recent episode of the Have A Word podcast where he explained that the part of the world where he felt most fear for his life was actually none of those.

Callum Mills goes to some dangerous parts of the world.
YouTube/Have A Word Pod

"I went to Bogota, Colombia, and there's a place called the Bronx of Bogota and I was told 'do not go there, don't go there if you're a white guy'," Callum explained on the podcast.

"So I went there, and I'm walking about and I managed to meet up with a local. He's 'oh I'll get you permission' to come into the, sort of the hood.

"So I got to the start of the hood and they get a phone call saying 'don't bring this guy in, he's not allowed'.

"They [the cartel] control the streets so they don't like outsiders. I was not worth the risk, however I ended up in a gang house.

"I walked in and I'm like 'hello, hello' and nobody spoke to me. The guy's like 'come on, I'll show you this' and I'm pretty nervous at this point. We walked into the back room and it was stinking.

"He had this big cage and there was this like alligator or crocodile, whatever the f**k it is, I'm not David Attenborough, and he's like 'what we do is if we catch the gang members we'll not let it kill them but we'll stick their leg or their arm and let it rip them apart'.

He said he most feared for his life in Bogota, Colombia, during a visit that involved a crocodile, some strangers under a bridge and a mysterious car offering a ride.
YouTube/Have A Word Pod

"I'm standing there going 'oh aye, that's good', then he's took me in another room that was stinking, he's like 'acid, acid' pointing at this big drum. I don't know what was in it but it was stinking and I'm like 'I need to get out of here'."

He ended up getting out of the house, of course otherwise he wouldn't be able to recount his story, but ended up alone in Bogota at night.

Callum then said he ended up walking under a bridge around midnight where people were sitting when he heard them call him 'gringo', then got up and followed him.

He ran until a car pulled up next to him and he was told to get in, which he did even though he didn't know who was behind the wheel.

Luckily he didn't get murdered there either as the driver got him away and told him 'you cannot be here'.

Callum reckoned that if that car hadn't turned up he might have been in some serious trouble, so it sounds like if you're ever travelling around the world and the locals warn you to stay away from a specific place their warnings are worth heeding.

Featured Image Credit: Insta / @callumabroad1

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