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YouTuber Mr Beast Paid Someone £7,650 A Day To Live In A 'Prison'

YouTuber Mr Beast Paid Someone £7,650 A Day To Live In A 'Prison'

The man banked a whopping £260,000 after staying in the room for 21 days and completing additional tasks along the way

Popular YouTuber MrBeast paid someone $10,000 (£7,650) a day to live in a single room with no windows – likening the challenge to a prison simulation. 

Josh Rock, who is the lead video editor for the MrBeast YouTube channel according to Instagram, was tasked with remaining in the confined space for 100 days. 

However, Rock managed a respectable 21 days, banking him $340,000 (£260,000). 

Now, the video editor has come out in defence of MrBeast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, after he received backlash over the challenge. 

Viewers were quick to accuse the content creator of damaging Rock’s mental health thanks to the prison-like setting.  However, responding to the backlash, Rock said: "I was never in any danger, physically or mentally." 

The video, titled ‘$10,000 Every Day You Survive Prison’, has now been viewed more than 38 million times on MrBeast’s YouTube channel. 


Rock stayed in a large room with no windows, though it was stocked with various items to keep him busy, such as a guitar, a pool table, and even a hot tub. 

However, to make the challenge even harder, he had to give away items over the course of his stay in order to earn more money. 

It wasn’t all bad, as Rock was able to have visitors throughout his stay, such as MrBeast himself, alongside his girlfriend and other guests. 

It also appears the video editor had access to private chefs and professional cleaners... where do we sign up? 

Rock was able to bank extra cash by completing additional tasks, increasing his earnings by an additional $130,000. 

However, after MrBeast received backlash for the video, Rock was forced to defend the challenge and ensure fans all was well. 


In response to a TikTok video, he said: "I'm actually the contestant from that video and I can assure you that they had people watching over me 24/7, making sure that I was never in any danger, physically or mentally. They had everything taken care of. 

“It was a great opportunity for me. Everyone needs to relax a little bit." 

Last year, MrBeast topped YouTube’s rich list, with reported earnings of $54 million (£39.5 million) during the year of 2021. 

According to Forbes, who compiled the list, MrBeast’s haul from 2021 is the most that any creator on YouTube has ever made. 

The YouTuber’s subscriber count currently sits at 94 million, making him the second most followed individual content creator on the platform, behind PewDiePie.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/MrBeast

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