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Google Street View Creates Trippy Optical Illusion

Google Street View Creates Trippy Optical Illusion

Google Maps is there to capture it all.

Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders

From creepy space suits inside the ISS, to couples having sex in dodgy places, Google Maps is there capturing the weirdest and funniest human mishaps. We've heard it's also useful when you're lost.

This time, a glitch in Google Street View of a road in northern Spain has created a bizarre optical illusion - and a very steep road to drive down!

Titled 'Steep Hill' (for obvious reasons), the weird image makes the highway look like a track from a Super Mario Kart game, with a steep incline which is created by the Google cameras.

Three cars are driving along it - we presume with some special gravity tyres on them.

It's like something you'd see on the set of San Andreas; cue Dwayne Johnson and the rescue squad.

It was spotted by a Reddit user. Take a look for yourself:

Google Street View creates trippy optical illusion of this road in Spain (

The road is located along the Oria River in the small tourism town of Orio, not far from the harbour at the river's estuary.

This isn't the first time Google Maps has jammed up a road. A few months ago, Google Maps users were baffled by a so-called 'road to heaven' in Arizona.

You can even spot the Love Island villa on Google Maps.

And back in 2019, the software even helped solve a 20-year missing persons case.

Featured Image Credit: Google Maps/Unsplash - Giorgio Trovato

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