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Woman Convinced People At Creamfields She Was Psychic And Still Gets Messages From Them Worrying About Death

Woman Convinced People At Creamfields She Was Psychic And Still Gets Messages From Them Worrying About Death

After pretending to be psychic whilst attending a festival, the raver still receives messages from people convinced they're about to die

Tom Sanders

Tom Sanders

Like most self-confessed 'psychics' throughout history, Sophia Burke doesn't really possess any telekinetic abilities.

But after pretending to be one for a laugh whilst attending Creamfields festival last year, the 27-year-old reveller admitted that she still receives terrified messages from partygoers who she predicted were going to die during her brief stint as a fortune teller- with one poor bloke even taking out a will.

Sophia turned up at the festival in Daresbury, Cheshire on her own last year and after failing to find her friends, who'd arrived days earlier, she ended up tagging along with a group of strangers instead.

Sophia & friends at Creamfields.
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One member of the group asked Sophia for a reading as she was giving off 'psychic vibes', and after bluffing her way through a surprisingly accurate personality reading, she managed to convince the group of 30 that she was a 'red-haired witch'.

But six months on from the festival, Sophia says that she still gets messages every so often from people whose death she predicted throughout the course of the weekend, and claims that one of them even wrote a will after she informed him he wouldn't make it to 34.

Burke, from Dunfermline, Scotland, said: "I was at the bar and a guy approached me and said I was giving off psychic vibes because I had a crystal necklace on.

"He said 'do me, do me' so I asked him if he had a younger brother and he said he had and I asked if he was popular at school and he said yes and he couldn't believe how accurate I was.

"They asked me to go back to their tent and do their mates so I went and there were around 30 people sitting in a circle. As we approached, one of the guys announced that he'd found a red-haired witch.

Sophia was apparently giving off 'psychic vibes'.
Kennedy News and Media

"I thought it had all gone a bit far so I said I didn't have my tarot cards with me. One of them said they had some playing cards so I started telling them to choose a card each."

The mum-of-two admits to freestyling with her readings, including a prediction that one man would come into 'earned' money, and months later he reached out to tell her that she'd been right as he had a promotion at work.

Sophia said: "One of them chose the eight of spades and I said eight is for money and spades means you're in a bit of a hole and you're trying to dig yourself out of it but I told him he was going to come into some money that would be earned.

"Then he texted me recently saying he'd got a promotion.

Kennedy News and Media

"One guy asked if I knew when people were going to die so I started saying the first number that came into my mind, 63, 70.

"I told one poor guy that he was going to be 32 and he went pure white so I changed it to 33.

"I thought he looked quite young so I thought I was giving him a good few years.

Sophia says she still gets recognised as the red-haired witch in her hometown, despite it being three hours away from the Cheshire-based festival.

Kennedy News and Media

Now, they're trying to convince Sophia to invest in a crystal ball and set up a tent at this year's festival to make some extra cash.

Sophia said: "People say I should go this year and set up a tent to make some money.

"I won't be setting up a gazebo but I'll probably spend my weekend telling people I'm not psychic. I don't do this for a living, I was just there for a dance!"

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