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Chinese Artists Create Art Using Their Vaginas, And It's Surprisingly Good

Chinese Artists Create Art Using Their Vaginas, And It's Surprisingly Good

I'd buy it.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Just when you thought things couldn't get weirder than Shia LaBeouf live streaming himself watching his own movies, along comes 'vagina calligraphy'.

Sun Ping, a 63-year-old calligrapher, set up the type of art in which women insert paint brushes into their vaginas and then squat over large pieces of paper to create calligraphy.

Furthermore, Ping requests strands off pubes from the female artists to make brushes with.

Because of his creation, the official national association of artists in China has banished him from the professional body, despite him saying that it's a connection between art, the body and creativity.

To be fair, anyone who can neatly draw stuff with any of their orifices should be held in high stead when it comes to talent. Vagina calligraphy > Picasso.

Credit: CEN

The official national association of artists in China said the work was both 'vulgar' and 'degrading to traditional calligraphy and civilisation'.

According to Metro, Sun laughed off the comments, saying: "My art may seem ugly and vulgar on the outside because we're clouded by principles and conventions.

"But there is also elegance, beauty, and inner value. It is art.

"Our culture is full of sexual taboos. If art is revered then why can't sex be as well?

"People who look at Bu Zhi Dao and only see sex will immediately criticise it and therefore miss its deeper meaning and message.

"A vagina is too often labelled as vulgar, but is where we all come from."

Although this can be viewed as a new and inventive way to create new art, I can't imagine it catching on as a college course. Imagine the application process.

It'd make a fucking good story to tell if you hung a piece up on your wall, though.

"That's a nice piece, who painted it?", "A Chinese girl did it with a brush shoved up her flute."

The 63-year-old actually pioneered the art 10 years ago, but it has taken until now for him to be banned.

Words by Mark McGowan

Featured image credit: CEN

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