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The Boot That Leaves Swastika Footprints Has Now Been Recalled

The Boot That Leaves Swastika Footprints Has Now Been Recalled

Ich habe eine stiefel.



Oh, too many jokes to choose from with these "heilly recommended" boots. "Das Boot," as people are calling it, went viral after a Reddit user posted a picture of the imprint the boot which leaves swastikas in its wake.

Credit: Imgur

The Californian company that makes the offending boot quickly pulled it off Amazon where it was being sold, and offered a public apology. It was "in no way intentional" and an "obvious mistake."

Credit: Amazon

But the furore hasn't ended there.

People have been taking the piss out of the Polar Fox military combat boot and come up with some excellent puns about it. Here's a pick.

"I did Nazi that in the snow today. That's just not Reich. Not surprised they've been recalled, I would be furherious!"

Another Facebook commenter said: "I have a pair of these. They held up fine until I encountered a harsh Soviet winter..."

Turns out, the swastika imprint wasn't the only Nazi thing about the boot. From my knowledge of German, the weekly magazine Stern pointed out that "Polar Fox" was a German World War II operation, where Germany captured Finland from the military operation.

A lot of people have pointed out that Hitler took the Swastika from Hinduism where it is a symbol of peace and prosperity and has been for 3000 years - it should not be associated with Nazism anymore. It's hard to do that, though, as World War II was the worst thing to happen to in the 20th century and we're still feeling its affects.

Here are some other embarrassing fails.

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Words Laura Hamilton

Featured Image Credit: YouTube