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David Beckham Shares Terrifying Mashup Of His Face With Gordon Ramsay's

David Beckham Shares Terrifying Mashup Of His Face With Gordon Ramsay's

In what might be the strangest show of bromance affection, Becks posted a bizarre mashup of his face with the celebrity chef's



David Beckham and Gordon Ramsay have shared the most gloriously unpredictable bromance for quite some time now, which took an amusing turn last year with their face-off on the F Word in a back and forth that was teetering on the edge of awkward.

David Beckham/Instagram

Now, in what might be the strangest show of bromance affection so far, the ex-footballer uploaded a, quite frankly, terrifying mashup photo of his and Gordon's face on Instagram, along with two cutouts of the celebrity chef looking frustrated and some flames to finish off the questionable collage.

Looking like your beginners' course to Photoshop project, the pic is made all the more baffling by the lack of explanation on David's behalf. Is it a homage to his bestie? Is it an indication that Becks is set to concentrate on cooking? Maybe the pair are going to start their own sweary chef show together? So many questions.

Who knows what old Dave and Gord (Gavid? Dordon?) are trying to tell us, but either way we're excited to find out what's next for this blonde on blonde bromance.

We should also point out that our speculation over the cooking show concept might not be beyond the realms of possibility, as earlier this summer it was revealed the former Manchester United, Real Madrid and Preston North End footballer is in talks to host his own cooking show in the US.

According to the Daily Mail, Becks met with The Food Network to discuss his own series which would consist of him cooking in short 15 minutes episodes and would reportedly centre around healthy food.

Yes, he might not have shown quite as much zest and spice as his pal Gordon during their cook-off, but the man's already scored big on the pitch, launched his own grooming range and dabbled in modelling - there's not much this man can't do when he puts his mind to it.

And with a buddy like Gordon, he could easily learn the tricks of the trade and be serving up avocado soufflé with a side order of star appeal in no time at all. If this does come into fruition, we just hope David doesn't go the whole hog and adopt Gordon's look - as you can see from the pic, it does not do him justice.

Featured Image Credit: Fox/The F Word

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