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Aussie Filmmaker Shows What You Should Do If A Kangaroo Wants To Belt You

Aussie Filmmaker Shows What You Should Do If A Kangaroo Wants To Belt You

Malcolm Douglas' encounter with the animal has left people absolutely gobsmacked.

Jayden Collins

Jayden Collins

Footage of legendary filmmaker Australian Malcolm Douglas, and his up-close encounter with a kangaroo, is once again doing the rounds online.

The late wildlife documentarian's spar with a big red kangaroo is a reminder to the world just how nuts Australians really are.

In the footage, Douglas demonstrates exactly how kangaroos seize up their opponents, and how to carefully stop them from knocking your block off.

The legendary crocodile hunter, goes toe to toe with the animal before separating himself from it with a thin-branched tree.

He also explains how Kangaroos might take offence to a particular stance or movement.

In the video, he says: "He wants to be the dominant male.

"He's standing right up, he's showing me how big he is, he'll lean right back, and he'll use his tail as a spring to come forward and grab with his claws to try to pull me in and kick with his feet."

He manages to explain the movements of the roo all while seemingly antagonising it with light jabs to the animal's chest; the mad man.

When the animal jumps at Douglas, he sternly tells him to calm down. And to really just emphasise his ability with animals, the kangaroo listens.

He later shows himself calming down the kangaroo by crouching down, and Big Red follows suit. Before long they are making up and best of mates. Absolute scenes from Douglas.

The footage recently reemerged on Reddit with some users perplexed about the nature of the conflict.

One user said: "Sorry but I am not trying to kiss a kangaroo after it just swung on me. That dog looked like it was having some fun though."

Another saying: "Gawd what a weird f*****g creature."

While other users seemed appreciative of the seemingly trivial information provided in the video.

A user said: "Living in an entirely different hemisphere, this seems like the sort of information that might seem trivial until unforeseen circumstance plunges you right into a situation like this. Stowing this one away."

One user seemed to feel for the roo, who was probably as confused by the situation as the comment section itself.

They said: "I genuinely don't know where I stand with this guy. One minute he's trying to fight me, the next he's on all fours kissing me."

While Steve Irwin is traditionally known as Australia's 'Crocodile Hunter', Douglas was the original.

He produced 50 documentaries and films for Channel 7 and Channel 9 but tragically passed away in 2010 in a horrific car accident in Broome.

Time and time again this footage seems to resurface, and time and time again a new audience is introduced to the incredible legend of Malcolm Douglas.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 7

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