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Reddit Users Horror As Dog Finds Amazon Sex Toy In Park And Uses It As A Chew

Reddit Users Horror As Dog Finds Amazon Sex Toy In Park And Uses It As A Chew

A Reddit user got a shock his dog picked up the worst chew toy imaginable.

Mark Cunliffe

Mark Cunliffe

A dog picked up one of the most horrific chew toys you can imagine whilst out on his walk.

Dogs are a man's best friend. They greet you at the door, they'll stick by your side through your best and worst times and all they need in return is feeding and a trip round the park twice a day. Reddit user ClavonClavon (real name Oliver Monk), was out walking his mum's two good boys Victor and Trixie in Kent when he noticed his little Jack Russell chewing on something he couldn't quite make out.

As any caring dog owner would do, he tried his best to work out what the item was before letting his furry friend continue to go to town on it.

He took to Twitter's /r/whatisthisthing to ask for help from fellow users. He said: "I've tried googling it and taking it apart. The 2 AA batteries go into the top part, and it appears to have no function whatsoever. No buttons or labels or anything else. Seems odd it was just in the park which means someone must have left it."

Reddit User Finds Out Dog Used Amazon Sex Toy As Chew.
ClavonClavon / Reddit

Immediately, a team of cyber sleuths went to town on trying to find out what the dogs new toy actually was. Some thought it was a geo cache device, some thought it was a bag to keep your poop bags in. ClavonClavon tried to give a little more information to help the search "The little Jack Russell likes chewing it, my collie-cross doesn't seem to care for it - doubt this information is helpful at all."

Well, it turns out that ClavoClavon's best friend was chewing on a women's best friend, a wireless vibrator.

User Trolllbiscuits said "Looks like a....ahem...remote controlled female toy. Google Black Egg Vibrator and you should find one similar in the image section."

The Thread On Reddit.
Reddit / ClavonClavon

BeguiledBF said"I was gonna say a geo cache device, but it's clearly a vibrator."

dootdootplotconfirmed the discovery, adding that the vibrator had more bark than bite, "Yeah definitely a wireless vibrator. I used to have one, the idea was exciting, but the thing itself was actually pretty disappointing."

ClavonClavon took the news far better than I would by replying: "Well that's excellent. Glad I've been letting the dog chew it then."

Speaking to LADbible, ClavonClavon said "The dogs are called Victor and Trixie, they don't usually pick random stuff up. They are actually my girlfriend's mums dogs and I was just walking them."

So there you have it, next time you're out walking your dog, keep an eye out on what they're putting in their mouths. It could be a lowly tennis ball, or maybe a stick, but it could also be a 20 Speed Wireless Remote Control Vibrator Egg Body Personal Massager Sex Toy.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit / ClavonClavon

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