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Donald Trump Ends His Press Conference By Saying 'You’re Fired!'

Donald Trump Ends His Press Conference By Saying 'You’re Fired!'

Top banter to be fair.

It's been a day-and-a-half for The Donald - but when is it not?

He had his first press conference since July to talk about the allegations in the press about his relationship with Russia but all he wanted to talk about was his business empire.

Once he takes office at the end of the month, Trump says that his two sons will be running his business ventures and that if they've done a good job at the end of eight years, he'll say "good job", but if they've done a bad job, he tell them "you're fired!"

Then he pretended to shoot a gun with his finger towards the camera.

It's the catchphrase from his show Celebrity Apprentice.

Take a look here...

Credit: ABC

Remember that he's talking about firing his children - and then possibly shooting them?

Unsure at this point.

Some people on Twitter were not very impressed that he had ended his first press conference in six months with a catchphrase but, let's be honest, it was pretty funny.

Credit: ABC News

Donald Trump Junior jumped on the banter wagon and commented on Twitter that this is going to be an interesting four to eight years for him.

Good luck!

Words by Laura Hamilton

Featured Image Credit: MGM

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