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Man Gets Free Pizza After Singing 'Les Mis' Parody In Domino's

Man Gets Free Pizza After Singing 'Les Mis' Parody In Domino's

'I dreamed a dream of pizza sauce'.

Michael Minay

Michael Minay

When David Jones woke this morning, he found a text from his mum about a special Domino's offer.

To celebrate 20 years in Wales, the pizza outlet offere its first 20 customers through the doors of its 46 stores a chance to have a free pizza.

All they had to do was sing a song. Ideal when you're a singer already, eh David?

The 18-year-old, part of the Welsh choir Only Boys Aloud, went into his local store in Cwmbran, and began to adapt the lyrics to Les Miserables 'I Dreamed A Dream'.

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"I had this idea just before I went in," David told LADbible. "I Dreamed A Dream is a song a couple of my mates have parodied before.

"I'd say that it was genuinely in the space of five minutes that I came up with the song, I had a rough idea but most of it was on the spot.

"They gave me a pizza, but it was bigger than they should have given me. They let me have it, as I'd done it so brilliantly."

Credit: Supplied

The lyrics, as heard in his video, are below:

I dreamed a dream of pizza sauce / With cheese on top and dough on bottom.

And in between that pizza sauce / There was ham, mushroom, pineapple and they called it Hawaiian

And the size it would be large....

Before hitting the crescendo: 'When they make my pizza free'.

Since the video was uploaded on Facebook, David has been ridiculed in the group chat he's involved in with his fellow choir singers.

And, although he has no plans, David admitted he would 'sing for more freebies' in the future.

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Domino's joined in with the choir theme, forming their own 'Domi-Choir'. Made up of local Welsh talent, the group sang the entire menu of the Cardiff city centre store.

Joshua Speers, a spokesperson for Domino's, commented: "We've been absolutely blown away by the talented people of Wales and their enthusiasm to get involved in our 20th anniversary celebrations. We were especially impressed by David's Domino's-inspired rendition of a Les Mis classic. Look out Sir Tom!"

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