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Today Marks Ten Years Since Preston Walked Off Never Mind The Buzzcocks

Today Marks Ten Years Since Preston Walked Off Never Mind The Buzzcocks


Sian Broderick

Sian Broderick

Never Mind the Buzzcocks has provided us with many memorable moments over the years. Like the time The Cribs' guitarist Ryan Jarman claimed he was responsible for Live 8, for example. And the time professional wanker Donny Tourette tried to take the piss out of comedian Bill Bailey and got ripped to shreds.

However, neither of those compare to this incredible slice of TV gold, from ten years ago. A decade.

That's right, I'm talking about the time Ordinary Boys front-man Preston stormed off the set back in 2007 when presenter Simon Amstell repeatedly ridiculed his then-wife, Chantelle Houghton.


Credit: PA

Introducing the musician to the show, Amstell immediately began firing shots.

"Preston appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and then married the winner, Chantelle," said Amstell. "Preston was worried it would alienate hardcore Ordinary Boys fans but, luckily, neither of them were in the country. Or existed."

The crowd found it hilarious but Preston had a face like a smacked arse.

"Preston is angry now," said Amstell. "I can't continue."

Later on in the show, the presenter asked him if he'd like to have a go at answering a question but he replied: "Not really. I'm still a bit upset about what you said to me at the beginning."

Oh, come onnnnnnnn. You can't go on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and then get upset when you get the piss taken out of you, Preston. That's kind of the whole point.

Amstell then whipped out a copy of Chantelle's book and began reading from it.

Credit: Never Mind The Buzzcocks/BBC

"The Paris Hilton work was a low point for me," he said. "It wasn't what I wanted to be doing and, on top of that, it caused me some real problems with my hair."

The camera then flips to Preston and he starts to look really, really unimpressed.

"What, haven't you read it?" asks Amstell. "I don't want to spoil the ending for you."

He continued: "The photo shoot was for the Daily Mail, which made me feel really posh and upmarket."

At this point, Preston jumps up and storms off the set while pulling off his microphone.

Bloody 'ell. What a big titty baby. He made himself look like a right plonker!


Credit: PA

However, a few years later he revealed he felt a bit silly for throwing a strop and storming off.

Speaking in an interview with the BBC in 2009, he said: "I'm struggling to think why I would have acted so weird.

"I wanted the floor to swallow up and eat me, so I did the next best thing and ran away, which is terrible, because I'm really not the sort of person to walk away from confrontation, I'm normally the sort of person to talk it out."

He added that he would like to return to the music comedy show in the future.

"I would love to go on there and show them that I'm not a tantrum-y person," he said.

Could have fooled me, pal. Jheez.

Featured image credit: Never Mind The Buzzcocks/BBC

Featured Image Credit: BBC/ Never Mind The Buzzcocks