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Someone Took Their Baby To Be Blessed By Stormzy

Someone Took Their Baby To Be Blessed By Stormzy

Our Lord and saviour.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Everyone is loving a bit of Stormzy at the moment. The 23-year-old dropped his debut album Gang Signs & Prayers last week and he's seemingly been everywhere since.

Prior to releasing his album he appeared on stage at the BRITs alongside Ed Sheeran, another musician people can't get enough of these days, as the pair played a remixed version of 'Shape of You' to rapturous applause.

During a plethora of media and public appearances, the grime artist worked with Channel 4 to talk about his struggles with depression and mental illness. The point of it was for him to speak about how there's no point in being ashamed of mental illness, and that no matter how much you think you might be a strong figure, there's no room for naïvety surrounding the matter.

Credit: Channel 4 News

While his popularity is at the forefront of social media, people are lapping him up in any way they can. Some might be taking it a bit far, though.

Someone viewed the rap prodigy as some kind of second coming to Jesus, taking their baby to a signing event in Liverpool so they could be blessed by Stormz.

In fairness, '100 Bags', a song that features on his new album, begins with the speech: "My son, I'm blessing you this morning/God will lead you far, okay?/Just put your trust and hope and everything in him/And he will take care of everything, okay?/God will bless you, in Jesus name/Have a pleasant day my lovely son/God bless you," so maybe there's a connection.

Obviously we shouldn't judge, because maybe Stormzy is our Lord and saviour?

Plus, remember that old adage? 'Thou shalt appear on Sunday Brunch and then bless children'? Well, he lives by it.

In possibly the weirdest TV show appearance ever, Stormzy took to Channel 4's Sunday Brunch this morning.

He joined presenters Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer for an interview before helping them with some cooking...

Credit: Channel 4/Sunday Brunch

Regarding the BRITs performance, he said: "It was one of the scariest things I've ever done in my life.

"I don't even remember the performance - I just remember walking on stage and doing it.

"You can kind of tell looking back at the clip - when I walk on stage there's a moment, like a split second, where I notice and I'm like 'Oh the crowd are kind of liking this'.

"Then I get excited and I'm like: 'I'm going for it now'. At first I was scared but then we just smashed it."

He continued: "Everyone, my peers, supporters, everyone's quite proud and happy about it; me and Ed make two different styles of music but coming together is a good thing.

"And it's a snowball effect - they check me out, check another MC out, and see what we're all about."

Apparently he had to keep the collaboration secret for over a month and didn't even tell his family because he was scared it would get out.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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